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For sale: Twilight Zone
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Added: January 9th, 2021 Ended: January 20th, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 7,650 (OBO)

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Item description

Up for sale is a freshly shopped 1993 Twilight Zone Pinball by Bally and it’s located in Gainesville, GA. This was in the same home for 20 years before I bought it. Everything was removed from the top side and cleaned along with the subways and light boards underneath. The playfield was compounded, polished, and waxed so it looks and plays like new. I also cleaned all the inserts with q-tips. New parts include a led clock board, flipper rebuilds, coin taker leds throughout the entire machine, white titan rings, blue super band sleeves, red super band flipper rings, remote battery terminal, balls, foam backs, leg levelers, reinforced oblong target for the center scoop, and few connectors/pins. For the leds, I used cool white frost in the general illumination and color matched the inserts/flashers. I’m asking $7950. Reduced to $7650. I will consider local trades but I prefer to sell. If I did trade, I would most likely sell the traded title (unless it was a banzai run), so I would have easily sell the traded title for my asking price. Shipping is ok too, but that would be for the buyer to arrange. If the ad is up, the machine is available.

Item photos

C07CFCC2-B1F8-4818-BF78-111EB3628362 (resized).jpeg
75666265-929A-43D9-82DD-8AA9F5659B3D (resized).jpeg
E9DDA5F8-434E-4759-BAE7-4C2290762085 (resized).jpeg
8CC80F3A-2591-4E01-9E41-2825D35B2339 (resized).jpeg
007EDC22-7159-4DB4-8CF8-80345606188B (resized).jpeg
B4F56671-AE62-4184-965C-39E3ABA5BC53 (resized).jpeg
F316CB7C-CD19-4BB9-9D0A-7880671EF119 (resized).jpeg
6769B939-FF28-4861-B5CE-B21F5BA28C7D (resized).jpeg
06A01B33-9410-4B2F-AFAC-62E2889DC0DB (resized).jpeg
C46037B3-6A06-46ED-A068-C45BF612B239 (resized).jpeg
7E40D4B9-0F53-41DB-8170-F62BE68015C7 (resized).jpeg
C85A7398-CACB-4E95-AEE2-1C30A0E1B450 (resized).jpeg
09E60EC1-75BE-4225-AE42-9D0EB1B50BE2 (resized).jpeg
B70C243C-58AC-4379-B4AA-68FAAAEBDCD1 (resized).jpeg
5AC3821C-1931-4804-850E-78E9402376C2 (resized).jpeg
030B2FEE-C416-4F28-A45E-EFB27498F60D (resized).jpeg
E9451D88-CC8F-491C-BAE8-3B52EA4603E3 (resized).jpeg
7E520520-128F-409A-A5F8-B2FD2B89C571 (resized).jpeg
49EB4E14-6B67-45CD-A069-38E2FFD77B5C (resized).jpeg
73424A3D-FD8D-4906-A04C-B7344B566929 (resized).jpeg
4C42B7FA-6E4D-4139-A68E-EB37B05ADD97 (resized).jpeg
6218603A-55B4-4F22-8531-ABD50400AB61 (resized).jpeg
C66BC5B1-1B55-42AB-AAD3-1866606DAA39 (resized).jpeg
828AAC15-9FC0-4BAA-8EC3-B41190D77845 (resized).jpeg
A680F8F3-0D7B-42A5-8762-030DECDD813A (resized).jpeg
7D37AB57-5132-48CE-B494-1B55ACEE29FC (resized).jpeg
173F8034-3B52-42F6-B6DE-049799F9F216 (resized).jpeg
6B448101-42FB-4541-A929-B6963277C354 (resized).jpeg
D6387525-2E93-45BB-ADD7-7B3D69ABEA67 (resized).jpeg
E40325AB-6DD0-4F3A-BE19-22C95D41FF7C (resized).jpeg
46C75290-5C7A-48EE-BD2E-42EC6687458C (resized).jpeg
CBD1CF6E-EEA3-4577-BEC9-51B34E146367 (resized).jpeg
A582C207-A881-4C21-B851-22228A5683F9 (resized).jpeg
4955F21B-1735-4111-B657-2586BC852A8B (resized).jpeg
FD3BBC8C-E5BE-45F0-9682-695211C87396 (resized).jpeg
94CDB003-7853-4886-9F4F-76156C25DB33 (resized).jpeg
A0C6787D-050E-4A2C-B95E-399FA5CDE51B (resized).jpeg
26D5C1C8-5DA0-4475-AB47-FA94A94F0872 (resized).jpeg
F7F5220C-E9D3-4345-A371-F59BE912D76C (resized).jpeg
379BAEC9-D100-491C-8535-06A517CBD282 (resized).jpeg
6891D767-6099-45B4-B749-6DE0A1E28CB5 (resized).jpeg
6BB7D294-4D33-4952-B1A3-6248162EEB72 (resized).jpeg
86116931-EBD4-406B-8E9B-9310A2B6C601 (resized).jpeg
F3DC7059-50C6-4284-A17E-7DD155185E5F (resized).jpeg
413E1E8D-9FDC-40BE-8D1F-8D5F84FCF2F6 (resized).jpeg
6AE6DF85-FFAA-4558-A2D5-BB24C98E4CB0 (resized).jpeg
CF0DAC77-6678-463A-9A73-A7283EF34C25 (resized).jpeg
5EBB3C49-F13F-4C78-8164-4BE2604DE1EC (resized).jpeg
B79BEDD4-7ACF-467A-97A5-87FF5110ACD4 (resized).jpeg
2BCF4A0D-C18D-417D-A3EC-25BB17D3860E (resized).jpeg

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