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Archived ad

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$ 8,000 (Firm)

Price is firm

for sale

For sale: Twilight Zone Color DMD
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Added: October 28th, 2020 Ended: November 14th, 2020
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Item description

Nice TZ, and pretty loaded. Added more pics. Has color DMD, LED strip lights, lots of mods (robot, clock, camera, pyramid, spinning slot machine! creepy doll, rocket ship, etc.) Has the lit apron ($475 new). Also has new stuff, including coin door, coin box, legs, and rubber, posts, decals. Comes with extra set of new rails (was thinking of having it powder coated), extra clock face and decal, full set of Cliffys (not installed yet) and more. Includes manual. Has mirror blades too. Mystic seer topper with fortune cards.

Works 100%, plays great. “The Power” upper pf works awesome. Gumball machine and powerball are so fun! Playfield is really nice, easily a 9. Cab is solid and prob above average, with a few bumps and nicks. See pics. One small crack in plastic on right ramp return, (see pics) but a brand new replacement ramp, which can serve as a backup, is included. So all plastics will be intact. Inside of cabinet is clean. *Also added a new subwoofer speaker in cab today.

Overall a really nice, pretty loaded TZ. Cash is best, but might accept a minty HUO MMr, or MBr SE plus cash or LE. Or a high-end, clean Circus Voltaire.

Prefer local pickup, come play it and take it home. But, I am open to helping prep for shipping if buyer arranges and assumes risk.

Message me with questions or for more details.

Thanks for looking.

Item photos

429E6947-1186-433C-8E40-274856DF197B (resized).jpeg
17E551CA-A8EB-4170-8E4E-E6E09A488540 (resized).jpeg
3DC8199A-2713-47C1-B1CB-784A7A8FB00F (resized).jpeg
1E043702-B6D8-42AA-B8F7-CF62046AD337 (resized).jpeg
361E0EEB-B5DD-4E7E-94B4-901E2E5687B7 (resized).jpeg
1BB368BC-2D8A-40E4-A5A2-C7AFCA93B18B (resized).jpeg
22B3E1D0-DE29-4CA5-B038-CCEE6C338782 (resized).jpeg
72222AE4-AD37-4074-98B8-69AE7D639BC2 (resized).jpeg
254CED8F-6719-44DB-8274-C7DBFFFE67EF (resized).jpeg
26D0FADD-3F8F-4186-A56C-BC6C62DF4635 (resized).jpeg
27C616D1-DC35-43CD-BADD-B2C2024F3022 (resized).jpeg
4729313C-3018-4B70-A2C1-A30F089F3A9D (resized).jpeg
45C5B4DD-572F-4BA3-AB21-E79DB76BD4F9 (resized).jpeg
4E887439-AE77-4520-B22C-05D0F09BB51C (resized).jpeg
72B3ED25-D788-46E0-9C3E-6228C39EF373 (resized).jpeg
1FC11BD2-CCAD-4DD4-9CB7-08DD1E580EAC (resized).jpeg
62528EBE-44B2-4169-9EB5-E27840DB032B (resized).jpeg
6330B7DB-A4EB-4056-8374-21860BEE41A1 (resized).jpeg
519DCB76-6FD3-44BF-A66E-8ED2BC8194B5 (resized).jpeg
6910021D-D34A-4DEB-B213-104876A33B3E (resized).jpeg
754DDDD4-5FCB-43BE-878F-4F3230CC6953 (resized).jpeg
76F32E0D-B4BD-4E07-B9A5-28D7EA05F550 (resized).jpeg
79F54A24-FBEB-44AF-A8F9-D64D13148597 (resized).jpeg
7E57106C-DAD4-4CFC-B072-C79B00D40A57 (resized).jpeg
9800F230-AF68-4F5C-B78B-FE0CB1496082 (resized).jpeg
30F22CD0-F899-4CF2-8F82-8EF2C052CE80 (resized).jpeg
AE7EA24B-7899-44F5-826D-3527D008B7BE (resized).jpeg
489C73F5-1961-4F52-84FF-87CDDB0B8ECC (resized).jpeg
C022712D-B251-4344-965F-AE2E685D424F (resized).jpeg
E7C7C923-D142-4D87-B35B-D15AABC0AC3A (resized).jpeg
BD665406-CB72-4266-BB17-78C83AAEFB19 (resized).jpeg
C1CC3AD3-52B9-489E-86A3-E849573C186E (resized).jpeg
C54DCC9E-B846-4188-AB2F-DDD4F94AD678 (resized).jpeg
C65C99DF-9559-44E2-BD75-0CB7D83FFA0C (resized).jpeg
FCBD57E4-C580-45BC-A928-ECB7D6F6722B (resized).jpeg
CCBD1AA2-D6BB-4FE2-ACA5-B447C98B0DCA (resized).jpeg
E7AFFDB4-C513-4E43-8E66-29597373F591 (resized).jpeg
E2E34E52-A32A-4C60-BFD1-754188A6F17C (resized).jpeg
D7E30534-6699-4CAF-BBAB-EE5A1B03C8B6 (resized).jpeg
EB5C95C9-5C58-4BA0-B389-5D7F556227AB (resized).jpeg
D272A0F3-5ED4-49F6-A26E-685F2D4529EA (resized).jpeg
D7C96AE4-2F24-425B-979D-7F05362B2177 (resized).jpeg
8185647B-1E2D-416A-B315-599DBEED2FFC (resized).jpeg
B6C77F2B-0F1C-4A55-B657-B3A2249D3AC1 (resized).jpeg
9E10F4FE-A3D4-44B2-B45D-DCD6EE8A4919 (resized).jpeg
1E41F7F3-C67A-4814-A2C1-C94EB579B74F (resized).jpeg
08D149C9-99D1-42E9-9D90-04D382538ADB (resized).jpeg
B5215075-F9C1-4FBA-BA37-938F7A7E0873 (resized).jpeg
B6ECD441-AD63-4B4E-A877-532E5F7E67A0 (resized).jpeg
D18FA2C0-720C-469F-83F4-26C3DA98111F (resized).jpeg
FDE703AE-71A8-40DC-9B87-18FBD49F95FD (resized).jpeg
113BBA5F-B3AE-41F7-B49C-CC316F132596 (resized).jpeg
ECFCB126-1432-447B-9039-04E724CCFFCE (resized).jpeg

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Note! This is an archived ad. No longer for sale!

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Williamston, MI, US


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