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>>FS: AC/DC (Premium/LE)<< - Exceptionally Beaut

Added: 2020-10-09 Ended: October 17th, 2020
Condition: As new - New out of box (first owner)

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$ 7,250 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

Low plays, Exceptionally beautiful AC/DC Premium (I am 1st owner).

I have the invoice, manual stapled in machine, goodie bag stapled inside, etc. See documents in pictures.

(If you need another picture or video or need to chat just PM me!)

NO trades - cash only transaction.

Added mods (~$1500):
(Sure I will miss one or 2!)

1. Shaker motor
2. HD glass
3. Custom Goblins & Bell translite
4. 4 custom guitars installed
5. Custom AC/DC drum & cymbals
6. Red regular and mini Titan Flipper rubbers
7. Red LED trough light
8. Devil shooter rod
9. Cliffys since day 1 - shooter lane and trough
10. Custom pincards
11. Custom painted train
12. Hells Bell wood log piece custom painted above bell
13. Qty 3 red LED lighting bolts
14. Beautiful LED lighted Cannon mod
15. LED lighted TNT box
16. Custom Dynamite attached to TNT box
17. Red LED lighted flipper buttons
18. Train tracks on long left ramp
19. Cannons decals on right ramp entrance
20. Track decals on left ramp entrance
21. Custom LED mirror band topper
22. LED lighted speakers with Acrylic inserts
23. 4 spare mini playfield screws

Original goodie bag with all the extras still stapled in machine!

See # of plays below in pictures and it has 0 tech alerts.

Questions just PM!

Shipping in USA. If you need shipping I can be around; however You arrange everything including packing, dealing with shipping company, payment, etc.

Item photos

A63CDECE-7E2B-407F-85A1-C3AAFFEB85FE (resized).jpeg
46C25573-A064-4B87-8049-F30CF5EB9278 (resized).jpeg
B021DB7E-B7E7-41CB-B945-710219E1309F (resized).jpeg
FE3295B0-669E-4ED4-BB7F-B78D945CA120 (resized).jpeg
AD3C7EFE-5C4D-4E14-B8FC-16CFF9E38F00 (resized).jpeg
7A5A8BF2-D5F0-46F4-8234-AF1FFAF05DE2 (resized).jpeg
23405455-AA81-43F4-8755-92B405C614DE (resized).jpeg
54F8F2D9-A853-4057-8450-B22ACD50F0D2 (resized).jpeg
32808F87-2D7F-4587-8AD1-B49BD8B54E58 (resized).jpeg
9EBB4698-4C02-40DB-A3CC-9D5A472BC728 (resized).jpeg
C87FC990-4250-4E31-9A71-CDF2C33D7DDF (resized).jpeg
32A99A22-4FCA-4031-810E-79CF1C5B8CC0 (resized).jpeg
0B5A376A-8D98-473B-ABC1-5A245BF56C5C (resized).jpeg
29AD40BF-5235-494A-B510-A4F3B77C4E42 (resized).jpeg
21EF6D2C-E66F-43A7-8163-7411E772B1CB (resized).jpeg
39EBE367-260A-4A4C-AE87-8D8F9A63D7D9 (resized).jpeg
6916A892-59E7-4FD3-9130-082D5CE78930 (resized).jpeg
624E6591-A3C1-46A1-8924-1C8206CF34C5 (resized).jpeg
279330C9-830A-45BF-8E9F-3067CEA7C527 (resized).jpeg
369B512C-FC03-4910-86BA-FC2F0564F0D2 (resized).jpeg
5A1F1486-CAB6-4BEB-9137-2AF94B10F8A8 (resized).jpeg
655AFF56-D8AB-4246-87DF-A7D5CC1901BC (resized).jpeg
76CB2C71-08AF-4EE6-AA1C-12BA6BDB9144 (resized).jpeg
B95B75DF-EF12-4AC2-96D8-4589F6D2D8B1 (resized).jpeg
9CB6C3BB-D169-4CCD-8D67-FE39DCCB724E (resized).jpeg
99465309-150D-434E-8DF9-6B0E76154CBB (resized).jpeg
C1E60D8D-BBCA-40D9-B4C5-3485ACACA77E (resized).jpeg
B448E8D4-5209-4EBF-AC48-574D51875EA3 (resized).jpeg
D75446A1-9D13-4FAC-82C1-BE33F73176BC (resized).jpeg
D7717988-2CB2-4090-8EDD-BF417A65A471 (resized).jpeg
70DF0B70-F42E-415E-8F7E-DA13F581E47B (resized).jpeg
E92E6649-5725-4A15-B2E5-0BEC7935F7B8 (resized).jpeg
9020D65F-2C94-478F-A37E-71459DD83727 (resized).jpeg
E975A348-1BD9-485C-ADD1-2DFBA6A6458E (resized).jpeg
EA634512-A122-404F-8719-CAF1DA79EA05 (resized).jpeg
EB1AE3FE-945F-4931-B848-9F8241E4DA27 (resized).jpeg
F434EE2E-5213-4914-9D4A-68883CE6A45E (resized).jpeg
FA3D31A9-0409-4D85-A137-2A148D6DCD7E (resized).jpeg
A0F00159-F930-4775-87F8-428D43498D49 (resized).jpeg
CCDCF025-8237-437B-8826-243C9AB9B4D6 (resized).jpeg
0CF02AE1-906C-480A-88A0-77D1D6349106 (resized).jpeg
B45E5883-7E10-4FC2-B5E9-2BD628E56AC0 (resized).jpeg
F949C86A-1C3D-437A-B2BE-DD695758258E (resized).jpeg
73627CCE-B850-41B2-BEE2-7EF5661F7625 (resized).jpeg
87A0C749-AFEB-43D9-9B97-3FDF6D9A9CF2 (resized).jpeg
64B03C2F-703C-458A-808B-C18C2A099783 (resized).jpeg
48C12857-1868-4E46-99B5-58E8A0E4038F (resized).jpeg
738E6761-E140-4BC6-973A-174E6D348B27 (resized).jpeg
C5506FA2-F5CF-4F18-BFAF-9734AE388EDD (resized).jpeg
D68CD65E-A790-45C0-9072-285C26E66498 (resized).jpeg

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