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For Trade: High Speed II The Getaway

Added: July 29th, 2020
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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So I've had this title in my collection for a little while and I would like to see what others have up for trade. I would like to trade up with some cash added by me so let me know what you have and we can talk.

The machine is completely populated with leds. The game plays fast and smooth. The supercharger and the siren work really well with no issues. The game gets a lot of play with my friends and has been super reliable thus far. I changed the original bumper caps to clear so that I could color match the traffic light but I also have the original caps. There is a small scuff on the upper right hand side of the translite. Left side and front of cabinet suffer from some fading. I don't need to tell you all how fun and fast this game is. I just need to change things up. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking at my post.

Here is a vid of the supercharger.

Here is a vid of the siren.

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74EEA4A7-4CC9-4469-BCC2-5300B66E526C (resized).jpeg
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BC7891D3-662A-4CA6-B6BE-DC80C5A3555D (resized).jpeg
C2C9BE2F-4053-408C-BA35-CC142A17742E (resized).jpeg
DA83F302-ED74-478E-A9C8-5C18A3654C41 (resized).jpeg
DB8EF8D1-C823-4D74-A764-B982443F5200 (resized).jpeg
E0EA89FB-8696-448A-879E-039FE611E7EA (resized).jpeg
EB262217-D6EA-48D4-9E62-699B8468EB0B (resized).jpeg
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