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For sale: Beautiful HUO Elvis - Can Ship!

Added: June 30th, 2020
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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Up for sale is my Home Use Only Elvis. I’m the second owner having picked it up from the original owners. l have the original box and documentation including manuals, plastics, coin box, etc.

The game is in phenomenal shape, is all factory, and plays great. The only change I’ve made was installing a remote battery box.

There is no visible wear to the playfield or cabinet. The DMD is bright and the game is extremely clean. Flippers are strong, lights are bright, all switches register as they should, the speakers are crisp, and it’s a blast to play. I have made it to Graceland twice which is extremely rewarding.

Please review the pictures and don’t hesitate to ask for more if there is a specific aspect of the game you would like to see. I also made a 30 minutes gameplay videos I can send along if you’re interested.

The game is located in Syracuse, NY in my climate controlled game room. I can help deliver within a reasonable distance of Syracuse or can ship anywhere in the continental US. If you’re interested in a shipping quote please send me your shipping address along with any questions you might have about well the game or shipping process.

Thanks for taking a look. Have a wonderful day.

Item photos

5F823484-4E50-47E3-84EE-AAC645A649DC (resized).jpeg
4F620761-A059-4E5A-897B-2DF2FE9F88C5 (resized).jpeg
EEFE8D1D-9325-4DF6-928E-E06BA24863F7 (resized).jpeg
8FF32E11-9421-4C62-B219-78B235AFB839 (resized).jpeg
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CAB9D516-EC69-4A59-B992-E3D3E0AA87F6 (resized).jpeg
8B1525ED-C822-4A35-9233-44CFD4F4B807 (resized).jpeg
6AAFBAC9-9A71-4E3E-9E33-016228AB2AC5 (resized).jpeg
006C1851-B34D-4D1C-83D0-D39C2576FB4E (resized).jpeg
0E9B4065-4711-4337-86A0-FE04DBFD2007 (resized).jpeg
1A2FF6C9-9050-47C0-9637-95DD7F1E5DC8 (resized).jpeg
28D0DBE0-DC9F-457C-A79E-D5EC327D49AF (resized).jpeg
20216EF6-4BA1-409A-A54B-F632F8C27A78 (resized).jpeg
4D229D53-3C0E-4733-8203-8CE5313727E8 (resized).jpeg
4F7F209E-9F40-40FA-BBB4-2E0BF713CEB8 (resized).jpeg
50227A37-242A-4D20-A96A-2ADA043E2019 (resized).jpeg
598809E6-D840-4586-ACD3-974B5A0EF58E (resized).jpeg
6D6BA4F0-CEA0-4B01-AAD6-2F8DD82589F3 (resized).jpeg
7817CA0D-BD5C-4DAB-8C46-FF823E77DDFF (resized).jpeg
7E02837A-1D52-44D0-AB0A-0A85A32DC01B (resized).jpeg
A2C2DF76-E2BD-42E8-9198-453FC04DE3A5 (resized).jpeg
BA694276-33EE-44D5-887F-4AC43A9DF714 (resized).jpeg
903C3FF8-16AE-4DE8-A6C9-FF319BDCAA1A (resized).jpeg
C708D9DF-D5BF-421D-98A6-54EB718CB784 (resized).jpeg
C6149240-63B1-4E22-B636-EA1B6BAFA87A (resized).jpeg
CCFD6F1A-E168-4A23-BB15-226E160F53BA (resized).jpeg
D4B45915-A2A2-4D72-A57D-CFB2CE2A6475 (resized).jpeg
DEFA907A-85AE-449D-B1FA-60C6037B2768 (resized).jpeg
F159069B-9A39-4666-84FB-28664CEB8D14 (resized).jpeg
F2BDD2F3-BE82-42DC-8004-58D0D9C16253 (resized).jpeg
745D0679-C10A-4709-A2DD-BFC76B49A33B (resized).jpeg
6FCD643C-D4D5-4AD0-8174-DA3AF7E2C2F9 (resized).jpeg
1BC4ADE1-2903-4D3E-BE2E-7D18AA7AE4F3 (resized).jpeg
20055DB9-AA85-4F07-A67C-6250A9E8BD31 (resized).jpeg
38B871CB-119F-4630-AAA2-A6484CC9D4E6 (resized).jpeg
86D54791-A767-4807-AB21-7A2280A3F6D0 (resized).jpeg
ADA2A3A6-0864-43C0-B037-77B5CDFBAC5C (resized).jpeg
89BBDAD6-1E55-4A49-958C-B16EAAE53EC7 (resized).jpeg
5C91D502-96D1-497B-8DC2-8171EFBCA259 (resized).jpeg
2583AAA9-03E0-4638-91FF-23C43EE749D1 (resized).jpeg
81C44FDC-BC2E-4E9D-AE60-4DA8B64FF1AD (resized).jpeg
3C38167D-72F6-4D49-8FB9-03DE29320CC1 (resized).jpeg
F611B144-5744-4B65-9874-25124265D830 (resized).jpeg
1AB8F596-68E7-4BE2-86EC-BEE0DE9AF67C (resized).jpeg
35D4FE1A-CB0D-4D65-BB20-3D5B7B8ED55E (resized).jpeg
26698241-E72C-4707-B65B-4D88042DB62C (resized).jpeg
6A5ABD0B-56B2-4DFC-BB87-4E7E060C4A1D (resized).jpeg
496E5EBA-6AC9-4B72-AEFE-11BA9CE2E657 (resized).jpeg
E650C787-3690-4589-B418-047F8B81C161 (resized).jpeg
E15C23E4-3B7B-4FB1-89E0-3DCCE0868F39 (resized).jpeg

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