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For sale: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Added: June 25th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Fully working and recently shopped. 60+ hour shop job included NVRAM, LEDs everywhere, new plastic set, mylar on playfield, metal hole protectors, new target stickers and rubbers. Tore everything down on the top of the playfield, cleaned, polished, fixed everything. Many new parts. Rebuilt all flippers, pop bumpers, and the frankenstein toy that catches and throws balls. This is not a total collectors restoration but a very nice copy of the game. I got it from the guy that bought it new but he routed it pretty damn hard for most of it's life. I gave it a second chance to make a bunch of people happy.

Notice the cabinet has a few places where it saw rough love including around the flipper buttons. The photos with flash make it look worse than it is in person. It almost blends in to the theme/artwork but may turn off some high end collectors.

The boards were mostly good when I got it, a few fixes here and there. You can see some discoloration on the mpu from the ceramic resistors but no damage from this.

You will see the plastic around the monster is broken and repaired with a clear washer. I have a brand new one that is included. Also included is any of the older plastics and any of the new ones I didn't use, its almost a full new decent set for backups. The really broken ones are gone and some of the new plastics are already installed.'

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Kansas City, MO, US


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