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For sale/trade: Gorgar, Bad Cats, Mousin' Around

Added: May 28th, 2020
Condition: Used - shows wear, needs some work

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I am out of space and I have been just too busy lately to get to some projects so I am looking to either sell these pins or (ideally) trade them for/toward a newer DMD pin. Check out my wish list to see what I am looking for. Cash +/- depending upon the trade. I'm not even necessarily against a pin I already have as I know a lot of pinball people and can always trade off a duplicate. I like "win-win" deals.

The pins are:

A nice Gorgar - everything works, flippers just rebuilt, Rottendog scoreboards.

Mousin' Around - Really nice cabinet, play field has definite wear, scoreboards are both out. NOTE: At this time I don't know if this is the scoreboards themselves or a power problem. If no trade happens quickly, I will start triage-ing to see if I can figure out the issue. Good sound, plays 100% (I went through with glass off and tested all shots, the center mech, all drop targets, etc).

Bad Cats - Player's playfield but not bad. Could probably use some new plastics (center ring is 'foggy' for example), cabinet has some dings but is still orange which is nice. Upper scoreboard left side is outgassing (I think that's the term? I'm not so skilled on the Fix-It side of things) so that will need replacing I should think ($149 from ArcadeShop and others)). Good sound, plays 100% (went through and tested all shots, targets, etc).

I got the latter two a while back as they are now and have just never had time to get to work on them.. Would love to see them go to a pinball-loving home and have something come here that doesn't require any work I won't get to :D

Lots of pictures available and I can take more as needed.

Item photos

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e10eda50dad6cc3050189a8672339f4893dcf5d6 (resized).jpg
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