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For sale: Bram Stoker's Dracula

Added: May 22nd, 2020
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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After nearly 4 years I've decided to relist my BSD for sale. I've since bought new legs and lockdown bar, had my plastic molds airbrushed, bought some lighting mods and had an incorrect bank target plastic replaced for the correct one. It is a solid players condition machine with an above average playfield. Please see all of the pics. What shines on this machine is the playfield and gameplay. Pops, slings, and flippers are strong. Plays tight and brutal as a bsd should. The main issues with the machine involve the cabinet.

-Left side of cabinet “dracula” has been filled in with red marker by a previous owner. Only the red areas were touched up and for a sharpie job I guess it wasn't horrible? (see close up pics)
-Right side of main cabinet showing a touch of fade. No marker was used on this side though.
-There are metal leg protectors bolted onto the front cabinet. To be honest, I was never concerned about them as the gameplay was what sold me on the machine but I understand why this may be a deal for some. The back legs have cloth protectors only.
-The sides of the back box have some wear (again take a good look at the pics).

now on to the good..

-playfield condition is excellent.
-mist ball works great, infact everything on the playfield seems to be play strong.
-translite seems to be in nice shape.
-sound is good.
- full playfield led's which I personally think look nice.
- werewolf and gargoyle covers added to the 3 center and 3 side bank shot targets
-other mods include 2 light up crosses that are attached to the ramps and "stone gargoyles" on top of each slingshot.
- extra lighting installed
- new lockdown bar
-brand new bally/williams legs and bolts, never been installed.
-under cabinet lighting that corresponds with the gameplay.
-graveyard, town, and castle plastic molds were sent away and airbrushed by a talented pinsider, I think they turned out excellent. see close ups.
-also comes with a blue graveyard led lighting mod which has never been installed.

Fell free to ask any question. No shipping or trades at this time. Thanks

Item photos

024596320cd16e9674fb01829875e23cc3f53ead (resized).jpeg
2343a589c803bb2b1117eaba4dafff379ab33d1e (resized).jpeg
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5a63135d64bf922840f93fb6810a4abe8e807298 (resized).jpeg
5e74b671d7b753264f7966bfd2c50a96e43ae249 (resized).jpeg
65af9e26663a851300ab52a8b24e06884e27d6fd (resized).jpeg
6d6bd84958e37ea69906d54af91f218b6f3a04e5 (resized).jpeg
85bb94bc22641ca59df2056b951a3f6b6692a117 (resized).jpeg
8ed115e611311381d2dc5c8bd75d3cc888d645fe (resized).jpeg
b5b7c4b8600f852d3b516692676c47dd83640233 (resized).jpeg
ba27c11032b3afa6df21e231bd45de7fe41dd593 (resized).jpeg
cf3be51e950e35403277b993567c9a2aa4d5c25a (1) (resized).jpeg
cfe164b77fec98c715511c1ced5edd4f210a6969 (resized).jpeg
d066ab5fe220427e04b0c7a470adbc8c407166e4 (resized).jpeg
df4e5bf31b2e7e4347af36c62778d2a51b6871f0 (resized).jpeg
drac 1 (resized).jpg
drac 2 (resized).jpg
f15cf55d6dbf8b136c555da8f39deb4917623a94 (resized).jpeg
f63f35e56c0d9091e596f224ff79e019c586035d (resized).jpeg
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