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For sale: Gilligan's Island
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Added: March 22nd, 2020
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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Up for sale is fully restored Gilligan’s Island Pinball by Bally. I have been restoring it for the past few months and no expense was spared. There is over $1000 just in new parts and probably at least 60 hours of labor. New parts include cabinet decals, coin door, rails, all playfield glass trim, back glass lift trim, yellow t-molding, back box latch, custom shooter rod, chrome shooter housing, flipper fidelity speakers, leg hardware, metal leg protectors, playfield glass, display, coin taker leds throughout the entire game, flipper rebuilds, flipper bats, sling shot plastics, lagoon plastic, target decals, foam backs, posts, rubber rings, super band sleeves, super band flipper rings, cliffy’s, all coil sleeves, island motor, and various hardware. The cabinet was sanded to bare wood, painted, and redecaled. I also screened new warning and trade patent graphics on the back of the cabinet. Everything blue is powder coated and I painted yellow pieces you see. The yellow ss minnow lettering between the speakers is a vinyl sticker. The original Bally logo plate was too far shot to put back. The top side of the playfield was striped, cleaned, and waxed. Im asking $4,500 or best offer. I will consider local trades, but I prefer to sell. I’m also fine with shipping, but that would be for you to set up and pay for.

Item photos

21A45D5D-B0A9-4BC3-94A9-F2E0A55523BC (resized).jpeg
E1876DDE-0DCE-4ECA-ACB1-42C573C14C08 (resized).jpeg
1E33E278-C56C-4BC5-972B-E2579C6FE26A (resized).jpeg
DACD943A-4616-443A-91C8-CCA13774BFD6 (resized).jpeg
EE18BF9B-1125-4646-89EF-9227421C2225 (resized).jpeg
DA30F3F9-D7E6-498D-B870-94F6AE523D1E (resized).jpeg
FEB82388-EE36-41CC-AB17-6210B19078C2 (resized).jpeg
A663FA52-C956-48B9-8DA5-D966C1A4B627 (resized).jpeg
EA9FE52B-8F58-4B04-BBD3-A251C44082B3 (resized).jpeg
8AA8A03F-DCFA-405F-8512-369131D6B9B9 (resized).jpeg
8E476A7F-CF53-4F6C-B570-A2B4CEE09704 (resized).jpeg
0BBB371D-B2E1-431D-BA1A-5FB30FA1A298 (resized).jpeg
D5F35E1E-574F-483E-976C-50E1158A45FC (resized).jpeg
5E9E1B35-1923-42B1-9AF1-878530EE9011 (resized).jpeg
A0984C91-024B-4E31-837B-03C7B58B9043 (resized).jpeg
7C638B6E-C956-4F21-8493-23E03EC3696F (resized).jpeg
20A71815-B04B-4454-B1AB-1C516FE1FEAF (resized).jpeg
D1FCE2D9-D5D6-4589-A569-52FBA52279DF (resized).jpeg
71E7C415-91B6-45EC-8417-9A92BE639056 (resized).jpeg
FA99ADFF-24D5-4F0A-9136-96E430E381DA (resized).jpeg
A1FF8283-790E-4AB9-AEA7-06F162899232 (resized).jpeg
1CCE0951-6972-47FE-A939-71218C04BC62 (resized).jpeg
4F10545A-284C-4EDA-8A2D-A53709F8C505 (resized).jpeg
42D3B1DA-0177-4900-977F-9EB54BD71383 (resized).jpeg
0914FD25-37E2-49FB-8643-6BC3431EC147 (resized).jpeg
0EB72345-BC51-497D-B49C-C96D832F30AC (resized).jpeg
F8E4C503-3D6C-4C48-95C0-69AB87CE6C4A (resized).jpeg
837E47E5-F720-4014-AF51-3ED566AC4803 (resized).jpeg
EFA00645-6744-43E3-89D1-34A89CA2B6B9 (resized).jpeg
C890179D-B4A0-4BA4-9B48-58B0A79F8F9E (resized).jpeg
B36F55E5-2EBB-4ACF-8E7A-3C4A9B24B5AE (resized).jpeg
88262A78-1F4E-4213-972B-E38AE5772FC3 (resized).jpeg
35DEBB77-D5B9-4646-9A08-1233C1E0ABA1 (resized).jpeg
D732C588-61F3-42B4-92E8-E861D852550A (resized).jpeg
75F4BEB0-71FC-46E0-B2C5-C811D20BF160 (resized).jpeg
2A7EC019-6A2F-4C0C-A420-AF13B6F71E57 (resized).jpeg
864EF52D-4E50-47D6-AF91-31D9B979E75F (resized).jpeg
D936BB50-34BA-40A5-BABC-75144A8439A5 (resized).jpeg
F432705C-14D7-4E55-B0A8-6A9863F111D4 (resized).jpeg
074152BB-3B04-4576-8DB6-2C3EC31B21A0 (resized).jpeg
4C678A9E-02AE-4903-9AB2-2D7B06C26F51 (resized).jpeg
405F9E92-876A-411E-A0D7-66572EC855AF (resized).jpeg
A043745E-76DE-4474-AD11-4D4BE83DB77F (resized).jpeg
67CB01CB-2E3C-4E37-B9F7-FC3EAD4450D1 (resized).jpeg
EBA9784B-6FF5-4994-88C2-F2510C4DF027 (resized).jpeg
F961AAF7-384A-4429-8FA4-AA9BC21B54FB (resized).jpeg
A9E1C444-E959-4A2E-B515-017CFD3D2CC5 (resized).jpeg
05E20A36-2E78-4A3C-9381-0F66F046D6D6 (resized).jpeg
FF961100-E9DC-4FE3-8DB4-F2CF79D9A8D4 (resized).jpeg
3CC7F689-4F18-4E62-91C2-0B786EF7B8BF (resized).jpeg
5AEBAD94-FCF9-40A4-9198-102660E3A61D (resized).jpeg

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