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The Big Lebowski - Mods

Added: March 20th, 2020 Re-listed: 5 times (October 19th, 2020)
Condition: New

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Item description

I am selling a number of mods for TBL.

1. Doobie (Joint) Mod: $35
2. Decal stickers: $40
3. Left ramp clip: $15
4. Spare backup harddrive: $100
5. Spare Audio circuit board: $200
6. Bowling Pins (qty 3): $35
7. Adapter kit for Speaker lights: $40
8. Spare motherboard: $120

Please add $8 shipping for 1 item, $10 shipping for 2 items, and $12 shipping for 3 or 4 items. Trying to make shipping easy. Note this is US shipping.

Canada add $10 to each US shipping category above. Europe add $15 to each US shipping category. Australia / New Zeland add $20 to each US shipping category above. If shipping is a concern ping me and I can see what I can do for international prices, depending on location.

Mod Details:

Sticker decals installed on targets, coin door, Doobie mod sticker by shooter, and banner sticker above bowling lane like in the movies. Spinner decal (big Lebowski character and Treehorn sketch).
Note, there are spare Target stickers (some in multiple colors), spinner and coin door stickers!

Left ramp clip.
Left Ramp clip squeezes the plastic ramp where it mates up to the metal ramp guide. Reason is the plastic ramp otherwise flares out and the ball hits the metal ramp guides and sends the ball back down the ramp.

Doobie mod.
Doobie mod has leds that flicker like a real burning doobie and is made of paper like the real thing! Plug and play powered leds mod with mini circuit board!

Spare harddrive.
Fully functional with code on harddrive. If your harddrive goes down plug this one in and you are backup and running. This has happened to several people - harddrive going down!

Spare audio card.
Best part of this machine is the audio- sounds great! Spare circuit board in case yours gets fried! I put you on a list and when I get at least 5 people I order them from manufacturer (make a small batch run).

Bowling pin mod.
Sold in a pack of 3. These are custom made Brunswick max pins to match the logo on the one pin in the back of the game.

Adapter kit for Speaker lights.
You need to order type #7 led aluminum frame kit from AND order my adapter kit. This requires no changes to your machine (screwing, taping, etc). This adapter kit is a custom designed to use the 4 existing holes and original speakers plus it works with the type #7 led kit.

Spare motherboard.
This is a replacement for the current motherboard (tested by me to make sure it works before you get it!). Limited supplies. Ping me to get on the list.

Other mods and backups coming - look out for them in the future!!!!


Item photos

3F28231B-CE6C-42AF-9E72-5752DE7235E2 (resized).jpeg
C76441FE-3780-46DF-B7FD-FCEC0A291FAF (resized).jpeg
69F15A61-2767-4162-ABC6-B8F8C5DCA834 (resized).jpeg
DF57F935-4283-4D5D-ABBE-1E24C022BF7C (resized).jpeg
9906C966-0E50-4776-BCF0-6D98F3FD216C (resized).jpeg
11BF18D3-7194-4126-B7B4-23D3E6D8FD32 (resized).jpeg
1CC071F5-9070-4DF7-86BC-1A0A782EE0FE (resized).jpeg
746BE1B2-DF96-48C3-BF72-3F39658FEA4F (resized).jpeg
B9EC5DAC-AA43-43E1-BF9A-BF40A1B3FE5B (resized).jpeg
FA94741A-5321-4555-A4F1-3A7309E477A5 (resized).jpeg
FF652BA7-227B-44D0-AA1D-605C7488D61B (resized).jpeg
EEE03B5F-E709-4F75-A7C1-77DD528EA64D (resized).jpeg
817A0371-A73F-4B76-92E7-62EC5B7E2292 (resized).jpeg
97E66929-C50B-4ECC-89F7-557070470C98 (resized).jpeg
FFD33519-E5E5-4ADA-AD6B-D866A9635D19 (resized).jpeg
3C3DE272-0F3F-4EAB-BBDA-CC261361A407 (resized).png
8B397B92-C646-4603-8FF2-9A39C3B3A53F (resized).jpeg
882EA873-27E7-4D22-AD7E-53B0C2740809 (resized).jpeg
6598D3B0-076C-4A8B-ABFC-4033F24DAA22 (resized).jpeg
35CE22F9-073C-4910-BFF2-67401AD1DC81 (resized).jpeg
B9125CB8-B2D7-4C8E-9C28-3CD89CB16B6E (resized).jpeg
1B544844-27C3-4757-B924-BB91CAABFF67 (resized).jpeg

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Saukville, WI, US


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