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For sale: Haunted House, Jack Bot, ACDC
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Added: March 13th, 2020
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Well I’m getting back surgery next month and will be out of work for at least 6 months but most likely longer. So I’m selling some of my games.

If Jackpot pf is in amazing shape and cabinet is also in very good condition. Small round mark in front of cabinet, rest of the cabinet way above average condition. $3250. New legs, New rubbers, new protectors, new leg bolts, new balls, cleaned and waxed. Plays great. No wear on Play field.

Haunted house. $2375. Cabinet in amazing shape. Play field is in very good, especially for this game. Upper play field has 2 small touch ups. score display has 1 number out on player 2-3 I think. All new rubbers on all 3 levels, cleaned and waxed pretty recently. The display never bothered me. I'm sure you can replace 2 of the displays for $100. ( I think)

Acdc Pro undocumented Huo $4900 obo Flawless, Everything is perfect except the slightest bubble under the lock down bar. Can’t Even see it with it on however want to point out anything and everything. Cabinet and PF is looks like it came right out of the box. The game looks like it came right out of the box. Undocumented HUO and you can tell. Still have the package and book stapled inside the cabinet.

I would listen to package deals.

My name is Rick. Located Dublin PA. Cell is 215-715-2428. I'd prefer for a person to look and inspect, and play the game in person. However if you want it shipped, I will send you a vidoe of the game playing 100% and take a million close up pics for you. Only would take bank wire transfer if it was shipping. Otherwise cash at pick up. Sorry No trades at this time. I tried to get the pictures in order, but I can't win. cash only except for shipping item then it would be a bank wire.

Item photos

6003F9E1-987F-4A5D-84B2-2D182E848C10 (resized).jpeg
B116687C-E298-4A6A-A4EB-7E4660A65459 (resized).jpeg
5F439008-5444-40D6-A842-A18ACCD901A4 (resized).jpeg
ADC5FE02-E7C8-4E4D-A97D-2F929D52D292 (resized).png
D0D70060-07F3-4FA6-9468-1313FA02B9CA (resized).jpeg
D9F4D533-D0FE-448F-805C-87CDC9862E3D (resized).jpeg
3263A83F-872C-44A3-9C03-E7B7F388FFD1 (resized).jpeg
0F2976E6-5FA9-4B7C-BD7C-E7695E6A9304 (resized).png
A58E6F8E-77CC-4CB2-BF15-2BD43616C4EA (resized).png
767A0E02-5EAD-4212-B7D5-4DB74F599DE7 (resized).jpeg
2B335251-B7B5-4B58-9C12-CFA1AE019E57 (resized).jpeg
D2793AA6-D81B-43EF-9FDE-E6CC6A741065 (resized).jpeg
D939B871-8C76-44B3-86DF-FA8EE0D54DE7 (resized).jpeg
86FBE315-DA6A-492E-937C-42F3E186EFD4 (resized).png
A146228A-5AAF-4423-B35B-62F7EDFB2FAF (resized).png
A8FAB405-BD3C-4E94-8E4F-2D5094A0CDC7 (resized).jpeg
86F24261-CDEA-49D0-AE4E-46DE803C8068 (resized).jpeg
3D3FCAA3-F197-4283-A064-413BEEDDA761 (resized).png
4DA06F6A-2562-4D74-A6B0-3977761AC1E8 (resized).png
BB528169-C77A-410A-A5B4-A1593E14E885 (resized).png
67C2F80C-CCA0-4352-AD06-0BD312BD46A5 (resized).png
B636BE16-70B9-4A6A-9FD4-97F301E4E1A4 (resized).png
E2F74473-55CF-4FDE-A4C4-690718EF1BFB (resized).jpeg
65FBB53B-CE24-4114-B5E5-76F22019DA78 (resized).png
0203EBEE-B1A8-45D2-9A98-FB22B0877FAD (resized).png
02F6CFC1-BE74-4526-BF39-CA52A74BD3F0 (resized).png
1714F4CD-3BA9-4D67-877E-5241B2B91F27 (resized).png
2132AF61-8624-4C3D-BA0B-6AC5AFAB975F (resized).jpeg
238F0F0F-BC91-4730-9A4D-9AFC911D39B7 (resized).jpeg
53B7BBEE-24B5-473C-9A51-8D632E6595B1 (resized).png
3BB7349C-5B2A-4341-AC13-727496801EAA (resized).png
8ABDF1CD-967E-48D5-8702-08B6016D1669 (resized).png
7A74E380-29D7-435E-B073-AE22A6A16DA3 (resized).jpeg
1C65134F-0F76-4EE0-94E7-8C55A767B9E3 (resized).png

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