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For sale: Wipe Out

Added: February 13th, 2020
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Clean and fast Wipe Out, just got it a month ago from a fellow Pinsider, but it's not quite my thing. It was already in terrific shape, with LEDs for inserts and backglass (not flashers), new rubbers, and (middle-aged) mylar. I've rebuilt the flippers, replaced the actual flippers and the flipper switches, fixed a few light and switch issues, and put in new balls.

Gameplay video:

Counter says 80,215 plays.


Mechanical issues: None. Please watch the glass-off video. If your patience is limited, jump to ball 5 (yes, I know....) at about 2:30 in. It shows multiball.

Cosmetic issues: Some small scuffs on the cabinet. Two spots on the playfield where there's no mylar where the ball drops from the habitrails at each flipper. See close-ups of those spots, and a few other small blemishes. One of the plastics has a bubble where a flasher melted it at some point. It might not be obvious in the video, but I pulled several flashers - they are too bright for me. I'll pop them back in before the sale ;)

Local pickup only, in DC. It's a walk-out basement with no steps. Happy to help load, just bring a truck!

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“Walk out basement, zero steps. I'll help!”

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