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For sale: Alien

Added: February 11th, 2020 Re-listed: 1 time (March 24th, 2020)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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  • Alien Heighway Pinball, 2017

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Selling my very low play HUO Alien pin. It was very well taken care of and is in perfect condition all around! Very fun pin and absolutely amazing sound. If you're looking at this listing, you're probably aware of the history and rarity of them. This is one of the more sought after models as it was Heighways last batch of "fixed working" Pins to make it out before Pinball bro's took over and was not Heighways initial "launch" batch with unplayable issues that customers had to convert/upgrade/repair on their own out of pocket. So no wire hacks or "mods" were performed here. So you get a original Heighway made pin without all the initial proto and early batch issues. Boards are all marked Heighway instead of Pinball bro's. Own a piece of history. All I/O boards are upgraded latest 1.4B versions. All hardware and Computer are latest versions. This is also the version running the physical "knocker" which many did not have. Running latest 1.2 software as I will not run the beta 1.3 as its still an unstable build and I do not want any issues. Pin has 54 plays on it. Includes beacons. Priced at todays going rate value of SE's. There were slightly fewer SE's made than LE's. Selling as I purchased an LE as that is what I originally preordered from Heighway before I lost it all in their liquidation. Comes with spare I/O boards, launch assembly, and lower driver board as well as still contains all goodie bag items. Alien jaw fully working and adjusted. Balls have just been replaced. Will only trade for a Big Lebowski. Price is Firm! No I will not take $5000, no I will not trade for a Williams F14, and no I will not lowball myself if you ask "what's the lowest you'll take". Range of price for Standards, being slightly rarer, are now close to $13,500!! Fixed multiball issue by replacing ninja balls with pinball life ones, finally got IO #1 to update to .9 by using a fresh update download and different thumb drive, and reupdated all IOs and main game, and problem went away. No issues in several games which normally would have happened easily by now. Seems to have been a corrupted update last time i did a fresh install, that or IO#1 not being .9. Anyway price back to normal and within the estimated asking as its 100%.

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“Willing to ship. Estimated $400-$500 to east coast using Michelle at STI.”


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