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For sale: World Cup Soccer
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Added: January 8th, 2020
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Nice WCS94 with many upgrades and extras. LEDs, Cliffys and NVRAM. Playfield is very nice, no wear at Magna-save or around inserts. Only wear in shooter lane or around scoops (now covered by Cliffys) and around upper magnet. See pics. Cabinet is average with decal wrinkling at legs, but does include $250 full set of new cab decals if you are bold. New owners manual, and includes full backup set of plastics just in case (plastics on the game are all nice). New target decals and backup spinner decals, will include brand new mirror blades which arrive this week (I can install or include, buyer’s choice). Includes 2 extra lamps for added lighting (not yet installed, game is already bright) and led strip for trough). Nice translite.

Plays great, no credit dot or issues. Many new parts. New rubber. New 2014 FIFA shooter rod, hard to find now, was told it was last one! Just cabinet is so so and touched up in spots. Otherwise, decent WCS94 with lots of extras.

Gotta let a few more pins go.

Message me if interested or questions. I will prep pin well for shipping if you arrange pickup. Local buyer preferred.

Thanks for looking!

Item photos

362C7746-AEB5-4B7C-A244-95F375EF104C (resized).jpeg
C3E58DC7-943A-4A7D-801A-2491A9865B87 (resized).jpeg
9558B214-7DB0-45F6-9510-BB97D25895E8 (resized).jpeg
0EDD30B2-34B9-44FA-91CF-23119E8E4459 (resized).jpeg
1971A719-E689-413F-9872-81199331B9A7 (resized).jpeg
5EFB6EB0-681C-472E-9E10-C72E34B6E376 (resized).jpeg
2225E355-352F-453E-99F2-E79937E52558 (resized).jpeg
11106819-4D9E-4136-8D5F-0D01B6ADCCAC (resized).jpeg
3A0237D3-7073-4202-858A-5D911D020F17 (resized).jpeg
A57D1B94-6196-4B51-A9EC-2403C4DEF05E (resized).jpeg
443F26B2-D6C5-4F2E-BB3A-0D7B1A18BBAD (resized).jpeg
6B92A81E-E20C-4BC2-9F50-4CA782762E1E (resized).jpeg
02C836F9-9373-42CF-B667-83BE45AFE8CE (resized).jpeg
10BE8A8E-960C-4F17-909A-E6BF1E538CE8 (resized).jpeg
FD25F091-05DE-410E-BFF9-3A4C6CE1156C (resized).jpeg
8431EF02-FFB5-4DBD-ACA3-B988D17927B5 (resized).jpeg
77D7B600-5E4E-40EF-83FE-1AA2C204B296 (resized).jpeg
37871295-ED9D-416E-99E7-6174B46D4799 (resized).jpeg
A523E8E1-04DA-4ED8-BECA-E57093CFE671 (resized).jpeg
4A3ACB0B-2FA8-4858-97A8-5DA8A8E67345 (resized).jpeg
796F49B8-A8E1-4AE0-B7C6-458CC743766E (resized).jpeg
4C171A63-F099-4483-8965-2FE805A85EB0 (resized).jpeg
D6CEB2B0-506C-4361-BD9A-77E56B3CDD23 (resized).jpeg
819BFFDE-8E20-43A3-86FF-98F74B99420C (resized).jpeg
8FC55EC6-C085-4912-B8CA-8D46AE4AFC87 (resized).jpeg
8EEA5A21-8148-4FB5-A12D-D32F1B677A6A (resized).jpeg
D52FE4B9-2C35-4079-99A9-09C246FB846F (resized).jpeg
AEF3933A-D698-4D2B-A5DD-5F48059141E5 (resized).jpeg
AE84A995-4242-438A-9C9C-19C2A9C66514 (resized).jpeg
D3A9DD93-A39A-472A-B0D7-D820CF797D69 (resized).jpeg
C171404C-A510-419F-AA3A-3C080389B254 (resized).jpeg

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“Local pickup preferred but will prep for shipping at buyer’s expense. ”


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