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For sale F-14 Tomcat w new playfield, plastics, and decals

Added: January 3rd, 2020 Re-listed: 1 time (February 14th, 2020)
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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I picked this pin up with plans of finishing it but I’d like to see what else is out there first. I’ll keep this ad updated as I add and complete things. My F-14 has a brand new installed Buthamburg playfield! The cabinet was sanded down, painted and re decaled. The head hasn’t been prepped or decaled yet, but I have the head decals and they go with the game. The decals were from retro refurbs. Brand new silver jet pinballs, good rubber, and all the displays work. No issues all the functions work properly, powerful flippers sling shots and pop bumper. Some leds in the back box and inserts. Incandescents in the gi. Nvram and clean board set, also new beacon motor and pulleys. This is an early run Tomcat with the extra flashers wired, clear dome top, and clear flashers in the backboard. Great classic system 11 game! My game does have a few cracked plastics but INCLUDED is a brand new sealed plastics set including all of the clear pieces!!! Included is a new set of playfield plastics protectors uninstalled still in the bag. Replaced the playfield glass with a very nice different one. could use a new piece of lift channel for the back glass and the translite has a tiny repair as seen in the photo, you cannot see the repair while the game is on or off. Some slight decal wrinkling under the legs, can’t be seen when the legs are on, nothing serious. I’m mainly looking for trades but I would entertain cash offers. Games I’m interested in are space station, black knight 2000, swords of fury, Bram stokers Dracula, the shadow, Doctor who, judge dredd and many others + or - cash. Feel free to pm me with questions and offers. I also have an early run players condition Kings of Steel and a players condition Mr and Mrs Pac-Man for trade, would be interested in 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deals, let me know what you have!

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BA015D73-E818-4B13-AD49-21D32FBA0DE8 (resized).jpeg
2C6DD1A2-B4F8-4E4A-816A-73BF85415830 (resized).jpeg
8A955FAF-52F2-48C2-89BD-24067A8536A3 (resized).jpeg
165F6603-7328-4840-A4CA-D2208402D116 (resized).jpeg
041FCA1C-0F80-43BE-A62D-7D7410DC82A8 (resized).jpeg
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098D31F6-2CEA-4BAD-8881-7F323ADF3034 (resized).jpeg
6ABE8719-5912-44A5-B238-8A680E068A54 (resized).jpeg
72D3B603-237C-4E3B-ABFD-107997ABB8A6 (resized).jpeg
85C2069D-1ADE-459C-917B-4806E48CAF18 (resized).jpeg
59E77118-DAD3-4223-8CFF-05DF4D434732 (resized).jpeg
74B8FD16-F84F-49E8-AD11-E1E6E8A98A11 (resized).jpeg
8B056AF3-AE2B-437B-93B8-BFE7C05675B8 (resized).jpeg
8B9576DF-0DAD-43BF-A592-E5EBCF89AA38 (resized).jpeg
9E16CB48-0AE3-41FF-9432-704B6EE41B01 (resized).jpeg
C08E2C6B-14C9-40AB-946C-EC3F3F6F33B9 (resized).jpeg
CEE9384A-4982-4B7A-B125-A5B174A7CB1E (resized).jpeg
B4CF8210-D34F-4850-84AE-EA1234B47B58 (resized).jpeg
B74891AB-1B52-44C5-BBA3-6243A58F5974 (resized).jpeg
BC3C61BE-6B52-4B02-981C-9C165A0718A0 (resized).jpeg
C60CE3B3-F4CF-4660-A5D2-18FDEEBA02C0 (resized).jpeg
E9BDD207-B05C-4D3C-B10D-6391D7179930 (resized).jpeg
FC4133A1-5F8C-4E33-866E-F5047B205D23 (resized).jpeg
C0DC0723-E2FD-42D6-AC39-8B642AF0FAAA (resized).jpeg

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