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For sale: Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)

Added: January 2nd, 2020 Re-listed: 1 time (February 13th, 2020)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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I am selling my tastefully modded GB premium. This machine is gorgeous and caters to someone who feels looks are just as important as playability. I purchased this NIB and I am the original owner. The machine has NO signs of insert ghosting, build date was March 20th, 2017 and has a few hundred plays on it, the outlane looks like new.
This machine has pretty much every must have mod out there and has been fully tweaked and updated with all of the stern factory bulletin updates as well as some additional mods to ensure an enjoyable play experience. The machine is in excellent condition. When I started to tally everything up, I’ve spent over $3,700 in mods and have listed out what I can remember but I am sure I forgot a few. The price reflects whats been done to it and is firm. Cash only and buyer must pickup or coordinate with a trucking company like STI to pickup.


Mods include:
Color DMD
Full cliffy protector set
NO GHOST ACRYLICS Speaker Grill Insert
Custom Book stacking mod
Stern Lasercut plasma gun side rails
Custom Ghostbuster logo Backbox Hinge set
Speaker Light Kit 10
River of slime plastic pop bumper mod
ECTO 1 Lighted Car MOD
Arcade Keepup Dimming Backbox Kit
TILT Graphics Sideblades
Ghostbusters Scolari Brothers Drop Target Spring Fix Kit
Shaker Motor Kit
Custom Coin door magnets
GB Keychain
PerfectPlay Silicone Rubbers
Flipper Fidelity Complete Stern Speaker System With 10" Woofer
PinGuard Cabinet, Felt and nylon Leg and bolt Protectors
Leg Leveler Rubber Castors - Set Of 4
PinGuard SPIKE Shooter Lane Protector
8-Way Power Splitter Board
Metal Hex Spacer (Ramp Fix)
BriteButtons Illuminated Flipper Button (Purple)
Gozer Action Figure
Pinmonk Full color LED Gels + I added my own for the center lights
Die Cut Ball-Drop Protective Playfield Mylar
Ghost Trap Flipper Bat covers
Ghostbusters Pinball Backboard Illumination
Ghostbusters Pinball Slimer Pinballs - Green with Pink
Ghostbusters Pinball Scoop LED
Swapped out to lower pressure plunger and auto launcher spring
Extended Sling Protector with Center Post
cp3r's Airball Protector
Ghostbusters Mirror Replacement Mod
Replaced with Williams/Bally heavy-duty inner Leg Bracket
Stern Yellow flippers
TerrorDog figures
Ball Baron Ninja balls
Added Stern service bulletin for the node boards
Fixed the left flasher issue that can short out
Custom Instruction cards
Stern Tournament Button and Switch Assembly
Ghostbusters Upgrade Kit - center post
Replaced with Stern Lockdown Bar and Receiver Assembly
Pinstadium lights kit
Ghostbuster logo Plunger Plate
Swinks Target Wedge - 4 Degree mod
Stern Firehouse and sign
Handpainted custom slimer covers
Custom Subway car mod
Yoyokopter pink outlane guards
Yoyokopter ghost trap mod

There might be a few other upgrades that I missed, because this machine has so much added to it.

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