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For sale: Last Action Hero

Added: January 2nd, 2020 Re-listed: 1 time (November 13th, 2020)
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 2,900 (Firm)

Price is firm

Item description

Shopped mint playfield zero ticket wear, rebuilt magnet board and power supply, battery board, no fade on cabinet, complete tear down. After market back up ticket just in case. Cliffys on all holes, comet leds and flashers throughout, side art blades, lighted comet color changer flipper buttons, Frank’s battery board mod, shaker and crane work perfect, has color dmd led, in game add $400 if you want this to stay, looks amazing In this game. If not I will reinstall original. If you take with color dmd you get both. Extra sling plastics, flipper bat decals, key chain. clean boards, Manuel, head tool, cabinet nick here and there but excellent. Everything works perfect any questions pics videos [phone number removed] Dave

Item photos

00BDB281-42EB-4CB4-9C16-E52AA82ACECB (resized).png
04C43279-24B7-4700-8D3B-477B75513F03 (resized).jpeg
082DECFE-B24C-4323-9F90-5CE4CD85B292 (resized).jpeg
20BAEB14-5E77-4E33-A1E9-B19F79059E42 (resized).jpeg
2E146413-C2CF-4976-B2A2-6035CBC45F82 (resized).jpeg
0CC7FD1A-E28F-4535-B392-8B7E5D911107 (resized).png
281F0C46-DB2E-4D2C-ACA5-61F0E7355834 (resized).jpeg
3A4EF617-AD7F-4A46-9672-97D51BD94191 (resized).jpeg
4265BA68-E22D-4D43-88BC-23850204A993 (resized).jpeg
5309EC76-8E25-4407-9C10-62D03E4B70EC (resized).jpeg
561651D3-1529-4594-BE7D-3B2699212A5E (resized).jpeg
67C8B2C1-D1CF-40C2-9A82-88A8512EAC92 (resized).jpeg
45A03ECE-B238-4E36-9D30-5D6B8B6F6C3D (resized).png
542BEB11-004D-43E0-80B5-34D8628B1C3D (resized).jpeg
6A2C83A0-0202-4AD8-A4D5-8960E0E5D759 (resized).png
6D5A2AB5-2954-48EC-9DDD-BE32282C4FE5 (resized).jpeg
761385AE-6786-4BC9-AFDB-123EDB156245 (resized).jpeg
8010F41E-09C2-4C63-A12D-11EE57031B2F (resized).jpeg
80CD6494-CA64-4269-BC4D-AA0496ECB020 (resized).jpeg
81A4F264-EB32-4AFE-B113-5685210A61CE (resized).png
81AC587B-125F-46CE-A0A7-F78EE6E345D6 (resized).jpeg
921509CE-C790-4782-B45C-B53960917E4A (resized).jpeg
9315D222-E2D5-4FA8-B30C-C1C313BCFAF8 (resized).png
9748A3FA-8026-4C42-9243-DA3BF0A276EF (resized).jpeg
9D2D354C-AAB1-4B4D-99D8-325CF65A5C68 (resized).jpeg
A32429C2-16C7-492B-A995-36CAAB850CCF (resized).jpeg
A8062B1C-46C5-4BDB-B1EC-09D5DB222467 (resized).jpeg
AEF85290-FE75-43B0-8369-01442ECCB1F6 (resized).jpeg
BE12778B-44C5-4825-B8F3-6A8069CA0660 (resized).jpeg
BE50EF01-ECD2-4ABB-BAB4-4E2B39ED81A1 (resized).jpeg
BE682CC2-9D8A-49D1-8028-3CED4D823263 (resized).jpeg
C54AEF4C-B6EF-43D8-9625-F30DC6599F54 (resized).jpeg
C918B9E3-F4D1-4528-949F-B2456FD38C7D (resized).jpeg
C9430285-2BC8-448A-AAFF-06E5A7A0746D (resized).jpeg
CD94A998-87D3-46D1-8D13-98B20D8AF369 (resized).png
DFD251E9-7A49-43C7-8FD0-5F085C6BB7BB (resized).jpeg
E16E1532-C5AB-4A07-A2C5-396C39AEC41E (resized).png
F5C990E3-2956-4EA9-9A19-4EFE07E45EA5 (resized).jpeg

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