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For sale: Space Invaders Great Condition

Added: December 30th, 2019
Condition: Functional - needs minor work

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Machine is almost at 100% functionality; playfield and cabinet art are in great condition. Originally purchased by my family from a local arcade many decades ago. Machine has mostly sat in various basements over that time and has seldom been used. I did replace the rubber bumpers and lights about 9 years ago.

There are a few minor issues:
1) The trailing/chasing lights in the cabinet aren't working. I know I remember them working 15+ years ago, but at some point they just stopped. I have made sure the pin adapters are properly connected and have also checked the fuses on the rectifier(?) board (see below).
2) Possibly related to (1), the lights behind the alien in the cabinet that are supposed to flash to the "heartbeat" also do not work.
3) When holding the left button, the small left flipper will glitch out - it'll drop and rise over and over as if it's not getting consistent power.
4) When (3) is happening, the machine sometimes locks up and gets stuck playing whatever sound was going at the time. It seems to only happen when the left flipper is glitching out but the sample size is small
5) Scoreboard displays are frequently distorted. A good whack to the side of the cabinet usually fixes it for a while. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the pin adapters to the affected displays but it doesn't seem to help.
6) The left upper flipper is chipped (see picture)

I had originally posted to this site to get advice on trying to fix the issues on my own, but quickly realized there was a decent chance I'd end up making things worse and that perhaps a different machine would be better to learn with, so I've decided to put this up for sale. I can provide other pics/video as needed.

I know from my childhood that the machine was serviced a few times - I am not familiar enough to know what parts were replaced but as far as I know everything is still original.

Original manuals/paper inserts/spare parts are included (as shown in pics).

**Edited in [phone number removed] to include pic/description of damage to upper-left flipper which I forgot to initially include

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