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For sale: Cactus Canyon Continued w/Color DMD

Added: November 12th, 2019
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Item description

Asking $9,995 OBRO for it.
I can ship domestically using STL.
I will prep at buyer's cost and ship at buyer's cost.
I will ship internationally, but buyer must handle all shipping costs and effort.

This is a routed Cactus Canyon Continued (CCC) with color DMD and a basic speaker system. Also has pin stadium lighting

I will accept bank wire, personal check (will take a few weeks for me to verify that the check has cleared), and cash. Zelle is an option if you are willing to take a few days to make the payments. I believe Zelle has a $2,500 limit per day.

Game is available to see in person in Garland, TX at BOS Pinball Lounge.

Item photos

C47FE3A8-F83E-4605-AC29-C84CA81B1564 (resized).jpeg
D71B3A1F-F007-49D1-871F-2E78659ACB2B (resized).jpeg
1CD25571-E324-4A44-A1E4-A6C47FD7A93F (resized).jpeg
006F33E3-321F-4974-850E-EFFD423B85EF (resized).jpeg
10D7543D-D54D-436E-9EB6-16734DC7D194 (resized).jpeg
15FE5A2A-D9DD-4F61-BD19-01F7D8837B4D (resized).jpeg
1EB2C1BB-1BDF-49B0-8AE5-EBBA6914B5F7 (resized).jpeg
2A0818E0-9D4F-4440-83BA-C0D87B411446 (resized).jpeg
3BD020E9-AB6C-4540-9724-52B25C718EB0 (resized).jpeg
43D605A5-F83E-4530-B399-E873006D1ADE (resized).jpeg
49A91C95-9467-4323-ADBC-F00242AF2856 (resized).jpeg
4A99CFA2-81F9-42A3-AD96-339974631FA0 (resized).jpeg
51962647-598A-4AAB-A126-9E4B308712C4 (resized).jpeg
51968970-F421-4772-A8C1-62AAD910C8D2 (resized).jpeg
604E1EF9-F176-4406-B067-C53D91DE4207 (resized).jpeg
619913DB-A970-4972-934B-FBA0F6539411 (resized).jpeg
61F51D91-7B69-4163-8F2A-2E631752400F (resized).jpeg
716A7ED2-D0B1-4B9D-A070-5912BA6F3910 (resized).jpeg
75478347-2E30-4B29-B449-F655CC24A921 (resized).jpeg
78F30698-10D9-4626-B6C7-9E6225CC30F9 (resized).jpeg
7AD8EE15-CA57-4076-B836-9A72CE643F55 (resized).jpeg
7CCDABE5-FB94-4FFE-A126-98A46086C8E3 (resized).jpeg
804F44A0-78B6-4CBE-A170-E0D8D1466A8E (resized).jpeg
826977B4-C998-4E20-A965-961DC64122D8 (resized).jpeg
8B691E6A-4BA9-408B-9D03-8A84E3FD0E1F (resized).jpeg
9A79E682-1CA7-4B74-948A-CE43F2063586 (resized).jpeg
AEB92D1F-0731-467F-87B8-C227619A2BDF (resized).jpeg
9E855C60-BFFD-47AE-99B1-8214D2089D54 (resized).jpeg
B026CF02-2C59-46B9-B4D9-6514EEF26F6F (resized).jpeg
BEF83584-AD8C-450B-980D-0D9969A728C1 (resized).jpeg
E2EDEDB3-DF35-4E73-9C8E-FD68EE0D5B52 (resized).jpeg
E4754CB6-2776-4C1E-8373-56EB92019520 (resized).jpeg
F48F539F-3AD3-4240-BA96-71CA7EB4FACE (resized).jpeg

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Shipping/pickup info

Pick up
Willing to ship mainland
Willing to ship overseas

“I will ship at buyer's expense. I will prep using shrinkwrap and cardboard and blankets. International shipping available, but buyer must pay for all shipping related costs and arrange the shipping, including dealing with a custom's broker.”


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Rockwall, TX, US


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