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For sale: The Simpsons Pinball Party

Added: November 8th, 2019
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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Up for sale is my Simpson’s Pinball Party Machine. I purchased this machine straight from Pinball Jack Guarnieri in October of 2006 (the game was delivered a few months later). The crate then sat in a climate-controlled storage until it was set up in my house about a year after that. The game has never seen direct sunlight. It was played very sparingly throughout its time as the pictures tell. I just didn't get around to using it much, my guess is less than 100 games have ever been played on this machine. The batteries were taken out after a few years of use and not put back in until a few weeks ago. All the original parts are still sealed in bags (key chain and additional rubber).
Last month, after deciding to sell, I had a color DMD professionally installed by my local pinball shop, Sun Fun Amusements. I also had them go thru the entire machine to inspect. His exact words were that he had never seen a better Simpson’s game and described its condition as near new. The technician also said he would be happy to talk to whomever may be interested in this game and give them his take on the machine.
One reason I changed to the DMD color screen was that the old screen was not working. So, I figured if I was going to replace it, I might as well upgrade it to the color DMD. I will include the old screen as it may be something minor to fix. This is also why the machine has not seen much use.
After looking as closely as possible, I could not find nearly a scratch or blemish on the entire machine. The cabinet is 100% perfect, as is the playing field. In my attempt to be as thorough as possible, the only issues I found was the spring around the shooter has a bit of rust on it and the ramps do as well. These can all be seen in the pictures, of which I loaded a bunch. It does not affect game play at all.
As far as shipping, my local pinball tech gave me the name of the company they use and highly recommend, and it was around $300 to deliver to most states. The game is located on the 2nd floor.
If you have additional questions or want more pictures, let me know. I also uploaded a game being played onto Youtube and would be willing to share the link with interested parties.
If you are looking for a near perfect Simpson's, I can't imagine you won't be elated to own this example. Thanks...

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