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For sale: Medieval Madness (Remake - LE)

Added: November 1st, 2019
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Excellent Medieval Madness Remake LE for Sale #238

Gold Trim
Color DMD
Mirror Blades
Gold Speaker Lighting

Very few signs of wear, cabinet is near perfect with the exception of a little wear starting to show near flipper buttons and one pencil eraser sized chip on the left upper head decal. A little bit of paint chipping on the edge of the coin door. Hard to notice.

Plays excellent. The only error code it throws is Time and Date Not Set. I guess thats not an uncommon issue.

If you need any detailed photos that are not currently uploaded please let me know. On the playfield the only spots of wear I notice are a tiny paint chip near the Merlin kickout and a small chip below the apron where the ball drains.

The only trade I would consider is a MINT HUO Judge Dredd plus cash for this.

Shipping is fine as long as its a reputable company and buyer arranges. I can blanket and plastic wrap for the buyer.

Item photos

3s0Os050TpSiwYGEKhfR0Q (resized).jpg
jYKcn68eQuahj1W+%s3hTw (resized).jpg
lfyQc2sVRK26BhKh5g5Gbg (resized).jpg
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DYKnm2w5SAaWWaVEeo2iJg (resized).jpg
yX1TRXbvTJ6d8N6grU4%TA (resized).jpg
66yEU39yS8yEgOekK2kmSg (resized).jpg
raQlVFOiRuiXkXrEG8cOAw (resized).jpg
01pbHU1%QzSCiKZyxgCU%A (resized).jpg
5r0w%%11RQaRPl4O9r8zTw (resized).jpg
F9H++Cp8TRqPM2Kaf+B2Qw (resized).jpg
aVKyFZGSRoub4DVVEEZXew (resized).jpg
B9JJMSxVQYuqSUVFQG3D9A (resized).jpg
Ta0L6yniTM2XA9P8ZcmVoA (resized).jpg
xASiJ1gtSgWVlYhv78zJ%w (resized).jpg
MqvFWpO3Qt2kXnp54WBq+w (resized).jpg
ISl3cGGIQHeYxsJwx+7%Ww (resized).jpg
T%QmmQwQTxaEW5RN6vBuaw (resized).jpg
0W821QhJTROocjpPAWvqFQ (resized).jpg
WtlGBGR6R4us13Sj5s8yRQ (resized).jpg
3vbKmYXvQnK+0IV+MXzSqA (resized).jpg
38HHl5t0TNqdCmOsQNH2Jw (resized).jpg
7VPFfHmbRr2ThDzTl%TvEA (resized).jpg
CgOuDOR8QeqvPqpMoo6ETw (resized).jpg
DV44kAhVQweMd7KQey6V%g (resized).jpg
DvEzaOX0QY2MbNceTT1Q%g (resized).jpg
RTeF%9aaQjeNVqfh3De9OQ (resized).jpg
a8CsECNVTtSpPbUZ%+ynog (resized).jpg
eceKX3dOTYmQUT1BPalWYw (resized).jpg
sF1J1jRERF2Q697Pe5i6rg (resized).jpg
vUWd%4VjTqSksGCGPDMVPQ (resized).jpg
revM2bTRR02d8thmNkdsQg (resized).jpg
Gse%n95jT26phAT+bmj7Ag (resized).jpg
sIg9Pq0BS0Se4U3KX24HJw (resized).jpg
1Fa4p4OdT4WpJ4SZI7qQAA (resized).jpg
WIJIn6S+QVa0TbM9i+cPwg (resized).jpg
EzoSb40JSlWnzPed6FJciQ (resized).jpg
vnst4Y75R3GH%q1eLpNgKw (resized).jpg
JjoJi90sSMSFmqbqxE7vhA (resized).jpg
3OTpjw6+ThySxaw9sJBRKw (resized).jpg
mwXEwF8RQOmDcWosrq3zmw (resized).jpg

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“easy entry, I can blanket and plastic wrap”


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