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For sale: Scorpion

Added: October 10th, 2019
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Finally putting my Williams Scorpion on the chopping block. You don't see this one come up too often. 100% fully working. Super clean and plays fast/perfectly. I've shopped it within the last year. A really nice change of pace machine with 4 flippers, 11 drop targets, spinner, lane change rollovers, 2 ball multiball and multiball timer.

Comes with all the keys, and original schematics/manual. NOTE:. Originally I also included a spare NOS pop-bumper cap, but I've been unable to find it, so it'll be keys and manuals/schematics only.

Need the space, so no trades.

If pre-sold, I can also bring this to York on Friday. Otherwise, always willing to show the machine from my home.

Let's break it down.....I've included pretty much every detail possible, including EVERY minor issue I know about.

1. Top of Playfield: Some wear in the upper playfield and near the standup targets and some.decent touchups in the pink. Shooter lane is pretty good. No wear to the wood. Very presentable. All topside plastics and components are clean and in nice shape. All drop targets have like-new decals and work/register as they should. All 4 flippers are nice and strong.
2. Cabinet. Apron is almost perfect. Very nice coin door. Cab itself has standard nicks and scrapes, but nothing drastic. Very nice legs. Playfield glass has a bunch of scratches, but never bothered me. If you look REALLY close you can see where someone had mounted a "doorbell" to add credits in the claw to the right of the start button on the front of the cab Obviously, someone didn't know you could set the machine to free play. This has been removed, filled and repainted. One hole in the left front leg bracket on the inside of the cab is stripped, so there is a nut on the inside to hold that leg bolt in tightly. Those cost all of a couple bucks if you want to replace it. See pictures for both of these issues.
3. Backglass: Presents well but has a lot of touchups on the backside (not done by me). No flaking, at least. Very cool, and really hard to find backglass.
4. Interior and bottom of playfield: Really, really clean. All coil sleeves have been replaced within the last year or so and a few new coils, replacing any that were swollen/beat. Tilt mechanisms are in nice shape.
5. Boards: Very clean. No acid damage. Batteries have been kept in a remote battery holder for as long as I've owned it, at least. 2 transistors have been replaced over time on the driver board but that's about it. New bridge rectifiers and they have been fused for bulletproofing.
6. Lighting/Sound/Displays:. All inserts and playfield GI have been converted to LED. Some LEDs in the backbox, but that is still mostly incandescent since it looks better. 1 or 2 bayonet sockets in the head are not working and could be replaced, but everything else works and looks great. Displays are good and fully working. Low hum/buzz comes from the speaker when the machine is turned on (very common in these older Williams machines), but once a game is started, this cannot be heard at all due to the constant tone during gameplay. All sounds and light effects work as they should.

Overall, a players Scorpion, but a really nice, very clean machine. Happy to sent additional pictures on request.

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