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For sale: Flintstones, The

Added: October 9th, 2019
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Item description

Up for sale is my Flintstones. I just picked up a Jurassic Park LE so this one needs to go. This has been up here in my Washington residence for about a year and its been a blast. Such a fun game to play with the multi-balls and the silly call-outs. Very little playfield wear as this was extremely well maintained when it was routed by a buddy of mine up here in Seattle. This machine is located at my house in Washington, so for shipping quotes use zip 98166.

It has been tastefully updated:
full LED's
light strips under buildings left and right
light strip at the rear
lighted Dino Mod
2 spotlights lighting up the general playfield
all new black rubbers except for the really hard to get to spots on the upper right
I believe I put super bands on the flippers just recently as well
awesome purple decals placed on the ball out-lanes near the flippers
shooter lane protector metal installed

Noted Flaws:
Joes Diner Plastic Broken mount (stuck inside coin box)
Cracking on "Rock Again" Insert between flippers
Typical dings and small scratches/scuffs on cabinet
I intermittently get error report "Check Switch 34 Trough 3")
lower "bowl-o-rama" Plastic has the decal coming loose so its scotch taped on there
pins need new decals, but brand new set included, I just never installed them
some curling near the cabinet protectors on the legs
legs are dirty and need a good scrubbing
two times during my ownership I have noticed that the right flipper felt a bit weak during intense multi-ball action. It has not happened recently, but that should be noted as the only in-game issue I have ever had.

I did note while taking pics that left side flipper board has been replaced at some point.

Im probably forgetting something, but I will add to the description as needed. Any questions please feel free to ask. If specific pictures are needed, that is not an issue. I will blanket wrap and plastic wrap as needed if the buyer lets me know ahead of time. I have a crazy travel schedule so shipper will have to work around it!

Item photos

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4%JlyCaQQQqNzRp+9F8oxA (resized).jpg
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6zEMl4RXS0idB3EqtU7wxQ (resized).jpg
AMjnlnHpTRq9b8J+E1mTiA (resized).jpg
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wwiJEG7tTSOAj3wVLP0GUg (resized).jpg
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vxuebWkEQaubV7hSi2DBvQ (resized).jpg
qg8DBk%pTXOKa1PpJrs48Q (resized).jpg
n6UxlDwUQGifG7AhLzoCpw (resized).jpg
oj0qVu1IRxKSmjShSzkumg (resized).jpg
omUX4hFuTyOuTLT6+W3Xhg (resized).jpg
maSXFmpnSJq8t6ItZ1QhEQ (resized).jpg
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NIrGZ+mZRCOkRhEbJiC63Q (resized).jpg
O3foO1ouScO%7Rv0CWwzDQ (resized).jpg
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dbNqo7jrSm6zYEiIh8Jp%A (resized).jpg
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W17il39STuKXO+Okn2T9gA (resized).jpg
4VULGRphSJ6C9WeqhbOxRw (resized).jpg
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p5ARKQT0T1Sd4J71tVHO3Q (resized).jpg
o5FvP2bJTaaA0GaqQH9KTw (resized).jpg
kIedtwAZRlO0vi%20rzwVA (resized).jpg
noe6S58JRLusJout+TETzQ (resized).jpg
Uy9SIQGPSOyFf9wYYPwZPw (resized).jpg
H%yUx6JXQOOXZy2YXtedlg (resized).jpg

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