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For sale: HUO Star Wars LE Nicely Modded
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Added: August 12th, 2019
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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HUO Star Wars LE #441 in excellent condition. I take great mechanical and cosmetic care of all my machines, and they are immaculate and play great.

The Death Star ramp works perfect and feeds cleanly to the left flipper. It’s a fast, challenging pin but doesn’t have any cheap drains.

Still enjoy the game but am tempted by some new machines and need to make room from a line up with no weak links.

Includes some very nice mods:

-Stern Shaker
-Flipper Fidelity Back-box LED Light Board (much better than the factory lighting)
-Hooked on Pinball EI Side Armor Lighting
-Lockdown Bar Fire Trim Plate
-Lighted Star Destroyer Ship
-Mirror Blades (I usually put art blades in my machines but mirror blades look fantastic on this title)

I live in Greenville, SC, close to Atlanta, Charlotte and Knoxville.

Easy ground floor loading. Prefer local sale but will help prep for shipping if arranged by Buyer.

Item photos

D2F50B53-C670-47F0-986B-0DEE86237966 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0327-2 (resized).JPG
624492C7-9DC6-4613-A62C-A61E1221EC81 (resized).jpeg
A278B592-B589-4914-B555-5B4735BAF926 (resized).jpeg
59302D98-B289-440C-8F59-76C8D1D93621 (resized).jpeg
36C668B0-0E16-4D4A-869B-A39F0C1055A9 (resized).jpeg
5114E724-988F-41AE-B172-694D66F5FC8F (resized).jpeg
65DCA62D-D9AC-4FE6-9991-4DEA770E6939 (resized).jpeg
6B435E1C-C4DB-432F-905A-C48E926640EB (resized).jpeg
CFEFB193-E5DA-4BD4-B71D-88479DC9A169 (resized).jpeg
179F63FC-DAEA-41C4-B912-175F394BA325 (resized).jpeg
27C19F61-86BD-4FFB-A919-2E57D92E160A (resized).jpeg
IMG_0326-2 (resized).JPG
21CD87E8-1ECC-4EE8-BEFF-B2091B62B26F (resized).jpeg
0A52AEBC-2965-4871-87D0-F7178889947D (resized).jpeg
5F2D88AA-96DE-4E44-9D63-D7F4DECDEF96 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0355-2 (resized).JPG
31C62AE1-33C1-4EA2-BC94-B5FC5B03D912 (resized).jpeg
84E020B9-47CA-4175-BBA2-BE6E56A5BFD1 (resized).jpeg
921B857D-6D29-4807-89FF-9555020D596F (resized).jpeg
06D82522-D71D-4C14-8451-F49856941272 (resized).jpeg
E7D408AE-6C28-4070-B014-D9D45E094856 (resized).jpeg
4FB8DF3D-7A30-43B8-8C58-F4408698A196 (resized).jpeg
B7449608-48ED-485A-BA26-E5E98940AA51 (resized).jpeg
0B589FEA-4044-46D2-96A9-9EF28983494C (resized).jpeg
IMG_0337-2 (resized).JPG
1DADAB95-C49D-4609-8D52-8D30C2DEA85B (resized).jpeg
31E5710B-63C0-40DD-98FD-DDA5CAF34F70 (resized).jpeg

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Greenville, SC, US


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