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For sale: Fully Restored FunHouse + Extras

Added: August 11th, 2019
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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This is a fully-restored FunHouse. This one took four months and I put my heart and soul into it...if it doesn't sell, the grandkids get a whopper of a machine. The process of the restoration was documented in this thread:

What was done:
Full restoration, inside and out.
Cabinet sanded, bondo'ed, primed, and painted multiple times.
Phoenix decals applied, warnings, etc. silkscreened.
Cabinet components cleaned or replaced and repopulated.
Mirco playfield installed with no errors.
New ramps, plastics, rubbers, flippers and pop bumpers rebuilt, and EVERY SWITCH REPLACED.
All coils cleaned and sleeves replaced.
All habitrails and guide rails cleaned and resurfaced.
Rudy cleaned, rebuilt, and repainted.
All harnesses and boards ultrasonically cleaned (boards also gone over by John Wart for integrity check).
New Reese Rails in shooter lane.
Cliffys installed.
New trap door & plastic.
New subway.
New side armor, lockdown bar, and legs (and leg bolts, of course).
New translite, shooters, flipper buttons, etc.
...and probably a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

The mods:
I'm pretty sure I put a new digital display in (it certainly looks new), but it's been a while...
Flipper fidelity speakers.
Full Cointaker LED kit.
LED OCD board. (I didn't do GI OCD because the flickering-dimmer thing didn't bother me!)
Red shooters. (Matches the balloons!)
Tilt Graphics apron. (Original included...see below)
Pingraffix side blades (can be removed with a hair dryer if you don't want them.)
Funhouse lamp shade.

The extras:
Complete, brand new manual.
Full quart of matching paint for touchups (it doesn't need any presently).
Original apron.

Only a few hundred plays since the restoration, but the thing still looks brand new, and I tried to keep it faithful to the factory look (but better) except for the few mods I added. Other games claim to be the "nicest ones ever," but if you have an eye for detail, you can see what's missing and what wasn't done properly. And that's all I have to say about that...

And no...after all the work I put into this, I REALLY don't want to ship it. Local pickup only, please (although there's only one or two guys I trust to carry my machines if you live somewhere in the East...we might be able to work something out).

$500 deposit to hold the machine; deposits are non-refundable.

PM me with any questions or extra picture requests (really???). I won't get into it with any self-proclaimed Price Police geniuses on the forum. And yes...I'm having big-time seller's remorse. :(

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