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For Sale Space Rider Conversion Kit for Harlem Globetrotters

Added: August 7th, 2019 Re-listed: 1 time
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I have a NOS Geiger Space Rider conversion kit for Harlem Globetrotters. It includes a NOS playfield & plastic set (missing slingshots). It is hard to find much info on this game other than one sold on pinside earlier this year and there is one owner listed on

The backglass I have is pretty trashed for it so I am taking it to BGresto so that it can be reproduced. Feel free to make offers, or open to trading for a CPR Centaur playfield as well as I need one of those. Again don't know exactly where to price this thing because of its rarity so maybe I'm high maybe I'm low, I just don't know, feel free to chime in.

Will add some pictures of the plastic set when I get home. More detailed pictures and plastics included as well. I also have a scan of the slingshot plastics.

$1000 obo get this thing out of here

Item photos

025A5E75-0A20-4E7B-BCDA-37ACF2D26368 (resized).jpeg
13A5D5F6-A4CF-474B-9ABB-1967F8D7FC19 (resized).jpeg
029C51B0-52C2-4C4D-907A-5B51F25624E3 (resized).jpeg
0C46E211-56C0-4ED3-951E-C029B5FBF539 (resized).jpeg
14DF9121-96FD-48E0-BE63-5FCCA62710D0 (resized).jpeg
15A98467-4C13-4EB9-8179-C27518DCF2D3 (resized).jpeg
195BE5F9-85B1-4DCB-88DF-A2630F32F4E8 (resized).jpeg
1E77E658-0ADC-4E19-8A90-34E01C05D3DA (resized).jpeg
2BFEC0BA-C317-406D-AA96-DF80525E70E7 (resized).jpeg
37EC5D54-FD1E-4963-A378-A5E4D8707330 (resized).jpeg
55BCE0B4-3F4D-4CE7-BDAC-1F944574AA5D (resized).jpeg
6541F051-CF82-4BFE-A7FA-9E936D57DA03 (resized).jpeg
77B43B55-CA09-48F3-8256-A0320F6B335C (resized).jpeg
7CE7D428-141D-4EAE-8FBC-A294EAA91794 (resized).jpeg
89D9CDBA-2FCC-4306-B4D8-03F162450C0E (resized).jpeg
8FDD3059-31D3-49C9-8AC1-FAB28750F6A0 (resized).jpeg
9795FB1C-6707-413D-8B70-D5C0412D3E23 (resized).jpeg
984A6CBB-F311-4C4A-89D6-796826A7ADB7 (resized).jpeg
9EB17C08-663A-4AFF-8622-3D0AA6DAF5BD (resized).jpeg
BFD3383A-7B48-4418-83E0-465B23411E4B (resized).jpeg
AA387A45-428B-4263-8674-09BE4C7CBD40 (resized).jpeg
B69E846C-8D12-4A9F-9D2D-3536627DDAFE (resized).jpeg
C296B0D6-71AA-41DD-90C2-19DDD29E77C3 (resized).jpeg
C2C69985-9BB3-45EB-9A14-6A5FE5EE90CA (resized).jpeg
C4AB9EA6-C58D-43F3-AF5A-6954B3AFFB69 (resized).jpeg
C4F8526C-7A1D-44B9-A992-3B8B1D3BA764 (resized).jpeg
CF806563-0035-4EB5-8C8F-29956C65328D (resized).jpeg
DCEB7021-928A-4DBC-B53F-5D70D47E949B (resized).jpeg
DD06067F-CEC9-4640-A5F6-0C5143E6DABB (resized).jpeg
F608AC61-8E3A-45EB-A9F1-AC29947018E0 (resized).jpeg
F6EA93CE-A558-4E80-8822-A8F8D04E2023 (resized).jpeg
SR backglass (resized).jpeg
Space Rider (resized).png

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