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For sale: FunHouse fully and beautifully restored/modded

Added: August 1st, 2019 Re-listed: 1 time
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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So I have decided it is time to sell my FunHouse. It was beautifully restored/modded by my good friend @uncivil_engineer . He did an amazing job on this game and documented his full restoration and modding along the way. Here is a link to the restoration:

This is the nicest Funhouse I have ever played. It has all the following and more:
New Mirco Playfield
New set of plastics
New full set of Rease’s Rails
New ramps
New cabinet decals
New cabinet rails
New legs
New trap door assembly
New trap door playfield plastics
New Full LED
New custom sound system with adjustable bass
Complete cabinet restoration with new paint and new backbox
Custom modfather repainted Rudy

Take some time to read through his forum and appreciate the attention to detail that was put into this game. The only flaw I know of is the translite has a scratch on the edge (shown in pictures). PM me if you need any other specific pictures.

May be interested in trading for other pinball machines + or - cash, let me know what you have. I have a few other machines listed as well. I am willing to ship the machine but I would prefer local pickup. You can come pick it up yourself and play a few other machines while you are here. Machine is in Bakersfield, California.

Item photos

1F9D135E-1E51-4E20-BBDB-C98981DF9C47 (resized).jpeg
8233654F-6BC4-4F0D-ACB3-6FC500D7A91B (resized).jpeg
D956A619-3FE8-4CB0-AF99-D6ABA868436E (resized).jpeg
DE13EA5B-09C4-475A-85FD-99536EACECB2 (resized).jpeg
ED7A359A-B110-4950-87FA-81DF85C8D763 (resized).jpeg
07224B2B-F575-4706-BDF8-B61A3B36C89E (resized).jpeg
57AD0890-A50F-4ED8-A57E-2C2047D3405F (resized).jpeg
8CEB87F2-FFB5-4287-8A06-105135CBFDC6 (resized).jpeg
94396C1B-CC75-4C88-8E8A-74E48B11149A (resized).jpeg
95173A56-79D7-4E78-B74E-F7E55D42E73E (resized).jpeg
2A191EE1-DB85-40DE-8FE5-80976840BAB9 (resized).jpeg
99C06045-B86C-4C48-BA95-B25BCB5EEB91 (resized).jpeg
2D44EC8A-50B3-46FE-ABF7-F3061EBCE8EC (resized).jpeg
75D71913-3AD1-4EDB-AFC7-063AB5F9B4F7 (resized).jpeg
2A741FA3-8006-45D4-8C6E-8F106AD77D67 (resized).jpeg
45DA0E02-DFEC-4684-B39F-14DDD64830E0 (resized).jpeg
F8FCDA27-8AD8-42A5-8F38-E9FD07F999E3 (resized).jpeg
E230084D-6A27-4F59-8F79-27C127F8E0F6 (resized).jpeg
9B46CE1D-0476-4C17-9F83-850BC60FB25D (resized).jpeg
A6F8E878-5090-498B-B9C8-1C69F9133467 (resized).jpeg
5CEFD90E-48AC-4FCB-9FD6-C5CB9BC3899A (resized).jpeg
9BA8764C-1D7A-45C9-87FD-60D6444EEFD9 (resized).jpeg
CC725A23-89D9-4E6D-9F77-C3769C7938E5 (resized).jpeg
C653F5B6-644C-4ECC-A5FE-08829EAC18A4 (resized).jpeg
B49B487D-6F8B-44AA-8FD9-2AAA84A07BC3 (resized).jpeg
ED9B5260-5B07-461D-9735-AA458D21CA97 (resized).jpeg
fh (resized).jpg
C05B22E9-374C-4320-82B1-889131C11F7D (resized).jpeg

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