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For sale: Monster Bash (Limited Edition)
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Added: July 18th, 2019
Condition: NOB - New out of box (first owner)

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This is a really nice pin that looks brand new. Only 200 plays and it shows. Game is gorgeous and plays as it should, topper is awesome and HD glass just finishes it off. If you were looking for one of these look no further. Open to trades prefer system 11 games and doing a multiple trade swap. You are welcome to hit me up with trades. Will ship . Call, text or pm me at 954-224-8678. The Pinball Dudes Jupiter Florida is an authorized stern dealer. We have perfect feedback so buy with confidence.

Item photos

0BB48AD0-1EE3-4342-B064-5F2182CD4695 (resized).jpeg
1716953C-4FEE-4E65-9893-93212972B6EB (resized).jpeg
17586A4C-D1EC-45C2-BAD7-E407CB5BA7B2 (resized).jpeg
2104634F-240B-4E48-9DE2-5FB49F4C07C9 (resized).jpeg
2DB45D82-F476-4480-A47F-17C09F628414 (resized).jpeg
3373FAAB-2F24-4960-9E92-96999A266256 (resized).jpeg
337442FB-51FD-4A2C-905D-2260A923FA44 (resized).jpeg
3C4D6DA0-2843-42D0-9755-BB8CCD56115B (resized).jpeg
3F37649A-20E6-45BB-993C-CF623F20A908 (resized).jpeg
491A2C41-B6CE-44C4-B7EC-173E4F6B2FF0 (resized).jpeg
4345E5EF-0E11-457E-9DA8-C0B7E54B7469 (resized).jpeg
4D0108BC-98A1-4EE7-976E-402301495759 (resized).jpeg
435579DB-1CFC-4BA4-8534-BD1CC07E5E45 (resized).jpeg
463FC48E-72F8-4220-A57A-AF499F51ED43 (resized).jpeg
58515722945__D2439F85-FBE3-43E1-A15A-ECE10463B50A(4) (resized).jpeg
6F10E24B-9490-4729-996A-490376AB9845 (resized).jpeg
72485F7E-13AC-41C4-9727-3B9295C1F1EC (resized).jpeg
7DCFEF99-90DB-4774-86FA-6A0BCEBA3EB2 (resized).jpeg
7E819A5B-7E48-4C2F-AEA5-56B44ECF1764 (resized).jpeg
86A70371-F30A-4A92-B838-9A9E7A6A127D (resized).jpeg
86A926C6-4004-4CEC-B632-1FD2200B7A69 (resized).jpeg
939FC6A2-3613-4171-A3AC-3E0B35D8A2D4 (resized).jpeg
9400872C-9E52-4E13-A392-01F71369F74A (resized).jpeg
9F55895C-DB52-4A3F-A1C5-26C999A9FF0F (resized).jpeg
9FDEE6EE-472B-4289-BC72-26DBE6080D49 (resized).jpeg
A146870B-3269-4D17-AF10-C23E1D6AFB21 (resized).jpeg
A293FA08-9FE3-432C-91B6-6E4F58C17366 (resized).jpeg
A7317F33-6C56-45B5-838C-DFBA4A9B27A7 (resized).jpeg
A75FD17A-F99A-47A4-8346-FE83E9EF2AE8 (resized).jpeg
B06F18EF-3E5C-43F9-95F3-1FA9DFBE0AD7 (resized).jpeg
B5F5A565-EFD5-4A7C-8BC2-F10730F73FFF (resized).jpeg
BD5B432E-3D31-4779-81A5-A7FBD3F893D9 (resized).jpeg
C320CF81-5659-40B5-BE44-C74A5469C456 (resized).jpeg
CFD53FE9-3298-4772-9CB4-0C8E000C1892 (resized).jpeg
D204C95D-3969-40F6-947C-F2C7E4B31B4A (resized).jpeg
DB660CFC-B33A-40B1-80A7-20A391DE6FD8 (resized).jpeg
EB2EF704-A0D5-4483-85F1-7EB36EBCCBE7 (resized).jpeg
FF34AF39-DCAD-4CB7-BEFD-A698ED607897 (resized).jpeg

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