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For Sale: Star Trek: The Next Generation w/ or w/o Color DMD

Added: June 24th, 2019 Re-listed: 1 time (June 30th, 2020)
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Item description

Selling off a nice Star Trek: The Next Generation. There are no broken plastics. Cabinet and artwork is immaculate. Overall a very clean machine.

Features a few upgrades over stock:
* Black powder coated legs, rails, and gun
* Command Red transparent flipper bats with black Titan silicone
* LEDs throughout
* NVRAM in place of batteries

$4700 without Color DMD
$5100 with color DMD

* Cash only
* In person pickup
* Will not ship

* Would consider trades +/- cash where appropriate: TWD Premium, GB Pro or Premium, MMr, TOTAN, TAF, TSPP, WH2O, SMVe, or JP Pro

Item photos

IMG_20190518_144317 (resized).jpg
4a304ae32ee07f88ad9543dd1110ba806e1120f1 (resized).jpg
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180f75e26d50fe5ec3899b79461e8660decd0c57 (resized).jpg
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aedf33961f8e8d13185478bd94f1107a17b42e93 (resized).jpg
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cac7b9046bdb04e4c8c8d202c25fd1f99440907a (resized).jpg
cb3dbf8d69f82c7c1994d8987832795af7dee3c7 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112928 (resized).jpg
75e839b2c5e9ba1b69f98203672f35270cc7c16a (resized).jpg
51ec0e79c4a6fbc9309d12a63b5ba9d4d3b430a5 (resized).jpg
1843c34de531e6a930955476714604633cf7210b (resized).jpg
20200603_210804 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112859 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112905 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112937 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112939 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112942 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_113033 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_112944 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_113037 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_113052 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_113040 (resized).jpg
IMG_20190626_113046 (resized).jpg
84a8165ac7746b9698aa774b74c4e5f4e10d4ed0 (resized).jpg
ac2110ea8a0f319e3bc2b2246cffee65e7498580 (resized).jpg
0dcfef8ef8574db4c77dd5c0abb0a1d04acd90c4 (resized).jpg
b15c8042d8e286cbd4b8c4bf33774a3b1e64f053 (resized).jpg

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La Palma, CA, US


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