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For sale: Twilight Zone

Added: June 23rd, 2019 Re-listed: 1 time (September 25th, 2019)
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Putting up a TZ for sale. This game has been in my collection for about 15 years.
You will see this isn’t a mint or restored game but a nice players game w a few bumps and bruises.

The good:
Playfield is very nice and no wear spots. There is a small amount of planking on the black by the left drain but very hard to see.

The game does not have any errors and plays very nice and smooth.

It has some great mods such as the piano, gum balls, diverted magnet, lighted rocket ship, the led door for the back glass, under cabinet lighting that glows blue and integrates w the flashers and a lit shooter rod which looks great on this game. I also added some additional spot lights.

The game was shopped a few years ago and overall is clean as it was part of a bigger collection so didn’t get a ton of play.

The not so good:
The cabinet has fade and a couple of nicks here and there. And the knocker is disconnected and I never bothered to wire it up. If I get my asking price I will be throwing in a full set of decals for the next owner to do the cabinet work if they want.

You will also see a couple broken plastics but I have replacements plus some additional pieces I will be throwing in.

If you need any close ups let me know.

I am willing to ship if the buyer arranges pickup and covers the costs. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

Item photos

59721097-0FC2-4E38-B13C-98E0B1F8EBDD (resized).jpeg
343FF06D-256E-40AE-BBA8-6AF5FD47D886 (resized).jpeg
0B1DBBBC-4D58-4FC2-A4F6-89816354CECD (resized).jpeg
19D94AE8-B6AD-4D12-9053-74DC25151F29 (resized).jpeg
867D7143-5C0F-4389-9DD4-4883E7215B63 (resized).jpeg
3F4047EA-4000-4ED9-B39B-F6C8522FC1AC (resized).jpeg
05E9E90F-BC13-4899-A394-4DD6A3E6BFE0 (resized).jpeg
040702C8-009A-409E-84C2-E4C228BD0032 (resized).jpeg
87456C5A-8CDA-47CD-BFC5-16FF3AD7081E (resized).jpeg
A6BD031E-1C0F-4FB9-99F5-276A77BF5EB8 (resized).jpeg
4C134D7D-03E9-419E-A356-AF86AB653F7C (resized).jpeg
6878B451-F207-4E88-BB74-2DD8984EB279 (resized).jpeg
75BD08A5-E7FB-44A6-9E8D-8B4475F1E391 (resized).jpeg
A04C6F38-E3AA-4274-867C-A7DBA6B470C2 (resized).jpeg
61DE9D38-7ED3-44BC-8415-5D039612A369 (resized).jpeg
19D10A55-2F90-457E-827A-46AD6646566D (resized).jpeg
85B9C564-6CEE-4AE3-BA92-3A43D0895340 (resized).jpeg
EAD0A997-C936-4F36-A0C3-7CBE5D4E00D6 (resized).jpeg
290307BC-3411-4C0F-84EA-B56426606F62 (resized).jpeg
70442EB8-4CA5-47B8-92E3-8B851A7C62D1 (resized).jpeg
C83E5C9C-2564-4D95-8CB2-FE7632D24457 (resized).jpeg
7B391485-F0FD-4746-A204-90B3FF1AF952 (resized).jpeg
0F67A5CB-2B96-413E-9781-FEB599BE0704 (resized).jpeg
B7B66B0E-093D-444F-8D42-C871C1D364EC (resized).jpeg
EF783722-24B7-4B12-B9A1-C192CEC1FF86 (resized).jpeg
F7BBED7D-3558-45A6-AC66-DE10219D7C44 (resized).jpeg
6ECDF0AE-9A5A-4E16-ACF7-53993D30F8D4 (resized).jpeg
658639B0-C23C-4917-8A19-B8CA37E62F2B (resized).jpeg
B9EB206B-9689-47DD-AAAF-D73D1B0936CF (resized).jpeg
F8A1F264-536D-428B-B8F8-0F7F8F5AA435 (resized).jpeg
453D2FAA-8DAD-4376-97FB-FAFC38900A9C (resized).jpeg
49C6535E-6247-4313-86A2-5B5D890E6D85 (resized).jpeg
AD705411-D983-4B33-8A74-38711CAA325A (resized).jpeg
EF6B6C0A-531F-4025-951D-AD1E1283A785 (resized).jpeg
66136166-1021-4FDC-B0B3-7B57C643A515 (resized).jpeg
825E9C96-7EFE-480E-9C5B-EFED72708B90 (resized).jpeg
11806DF0-C2DF-406E-A296-E6FC425E7AC1 (resized).jpeg
0A6E2A0F-463E-4ABC-9C0D-598C92CBE18B (resized).jpeg
ADEDD1A3-F409-4D81-851B-34A603B4962B (resized).jpeg
037A2D47-2452-4E4A-B8E7-904E5506ABA3 (resized).jpeg
5F952A0A-0717-4E8E-98CE-0136DD489BD2 (resized).jpeg
3D731E33-7E7D-4719-9658-8590475F6B62 (resized).jpeg
750816E6-DEF1-4D6D-A533-B34B23C268EB (resized).jpeg

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