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For sale: Austin Powers

Added: June 7th, 2019 Re-listed: 1 time
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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AMAZING Austin Powers!!!! No way this machine has ever been in a bar or arcade. It is almost perfect!
Cabinet is a 9.8 of 10-very minor touch ups but nothing major and the touch ups are done well so they are hard to find.
Playfield is 9.8 of 10. Only place I have found wear is a very minor amount at the black paint on the left edge of the scoop. I will pull the scoop off and take photos for any serious buyers. For now I have kept Cliffs on to prevent any wear.
Game plays perfect. The pics tell the rest of the story but please ask any questions.

Item photos

14E0768C-5700-48D8-A641-34870296F731 (resized).jpeg
1AB81CE0-F7B4-4B2D-9AE1-5DADECE637EE (resized).jpeg
120A1000-AE6B-4DA6-99DC-F4BDA106E52E (resized).jpeg
1FF9A392-A951-4735-8328-4B04F050462B (resized).jpeg
29820BFF-2250-42B6-BC00-911D2016734C (resized).jpeg
3BF95AF3-424D-479F-AB2B-BFFDB636EA31 (resized).jpeg
44D4E69D-1ED0-4CF2-9F76-954EC02619B6 (resized).jpeg
4E8F39FE-72C0-4843-BA6F-5CFF26FD5DC5 (resized).jpeg
4F8F09BC-6CAF-46FD-AEBE-3E518C174E5A (resized).jpeg
5198EE5D-CCE8-4499-9BBF-2F36120DCD0C (resized).jpeg
52B13FA0-AB11-4357-8863-1EBB0BE8321C (resized).jpeg
5A8638B3-4AD9-4782-8EC9-0AFAF2215845 (resized).jpeg
5EC57556-3BDD-490D-8A1F-D6A95AE92DAF (resized).jpeg
76762D85-FE80-4768-8E13-1A1B871D32EC (resized).jpeg
82D547ED-9D5A-40A7-B8DB-DD6C5B2A6C55 (resized).jpeg
85E00F9C-E04E-4EC6-A128-0D6C39268DD8 (resized).jpeg
8A1675B1-3D28-4771-A0FC-9E6ACCA9F484 (resized).jpeg
90F8A129-C2E5-4121-8325-0A6AADF8844D (resized).jpeg
98B0395A-61E1-47F8-96D7-4654704E710A (resized).jpeg
A1DC61D6-331A-4DB7-864F-C75805CC0B5B (resized).jpeg
B84D1C90-FEDD-4F91-B8AE-0A1EFB890AD2 (resized).jpeg
C515E157-81EF-485E-864C-5829BF528114 (resized).jpeg
CEAC8FF7-C5C4-4F9D-8DD3-24EEA3191661 (resized).jpeg
D029621B-D297-416C-8B43-8DDDB353232E (resized).jpeg
D703DBBF-3D7A-4C52-9FDA-8421C9D9DEFA (resized).jpeg
D88BC5FB-0403-43E0-A663-66D4E0369696 (resized).jpeg
DF3C355C-9AA7-47A4-ACDF-4E87D9201E9C (resized).jpeg
E2A2C0AB-BBB0-4535-ADFD-320B2560D1DB (resized).jpeg
EBE3001C-CB31-47BD-85A7-633340C83EAE (resized).jpeg
F8937F6B-952B-40BE-8496-4F7543783086 (resized).jpeg
29820BFF-2250-42B6-BC00-911D2016734C (resized).jpeg

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