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For sale: Wizard of Oz SE - Price Lowered

Added: May 17th, 2019
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Open to offers and trades of higher end modern DMD/LCD games +- cash. Deadpool would be on the top, Munsters maybe, would be interested in Cactus Canyon or maybe Champion Pub.

This is a great game, it's my #1 game and I love it so much I bought a Ruby Red edition to replace this one. Tons of great shots, unique combos and use of magnets, 5 freaking flippers! A spinning house that lands on the wicked witch! The audio and video was revolutionary when it came out. It has a really deep ruleset that takes a while to learn, which is why it is a perfect home game. You'll spend a $1 a play at most places and it takes a lot of plays to learn it. Comes with a headphone jack for quiet play. Easy updates over USB and you can also backup anytime you want.

JJP is a boutique manufacturer and like owning any uniquely manufactured, low quantity, high quality automobile there is more maintenance in a game like this. If you read the manual (have you seen it? it's a work of freaking art and I have the actual printed manual with the game) you'll know the game in and out. JJP is responsive with email support and they will send you any part you could ever need with really reasonable prices.

This is a standard edition so it has the stainless trim. Cabinet is in great shape. There are a few small dings that have been repaired or touched up, very hard to notice. Playfield is generally in great shape. This is an early model which had some wear happening around the pop bumpers. JJP created high quality decals to cover these areas and further protect them, which are installed and look awesome. Normal wear around various places where the ball hits, cliffy protectors would cover up most, if not all of it. If I'm tempted enough I might throw in the set I bought for my new WOZ machine, it's probably a 2-3 month delay to order from Cliffy right now. Castle door motors have recently been replaced, witch motor and shaft were replaced. All brand new titan rubbers on the flippers.

Custom lighting mod on the lane selection plastic (above the lanes) and has the lighting kit installed which includes several spotlights, backboard lighting and trough lighting. With this lighting installed you can play the game in a completely dark room but it's not ridiculously bright. The colors mesh very well with the overall game. The dark pictures are in a completely blacked out room. Colors are easily changed with any combination of 12v flasher LED bulbs from

Code has been updated to the latest. No errors, everything works as far as I know. A few spare parts come with the game including the ruby slipper bat toppers (flippers are the translucent red JJP models but without the toppers, they just get glued on if you want them). Topper on the game is there and lights up perfectly. Mylar has been applied in a few strategic places on the playfield. Cliffy switch hole protectors installed on the inlanes.

Has 5v lighting boards installed and it will come with a hefty supply of replacement boards (almost an entire set) for any issue that arise. You can replace with the 2.0 lighting kit if you want, not necessary immediately as JJP will still repair older boards and offers a discounted exchange.

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