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For sale: 2 Pinbots For $1600

Added: May 16th, 2019
Condition: As is

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2 Pinbots for $1600! I'm over my head! Finish my project, have all the spare parts you need, a nice wall hanger, and plenty of spare parts and a nice cabinet to sell afterwards. If you already have a System 11a machine you can swap parts to identify the issues.

The better of the two machines is complete with topper and all necessary parts. It boots and plays. I have put in new rubbers and it is mostly LED’d. It has the following known issues.

Sound: The background music does not work, but the speech stuff works fine. I haven’t really troubleshot this but if it is just a new sound chip you can get one off of pinside for around $30.

Left Pop Bumpers: I havn’t gotten around to fixing it yet, but it does not fire in test or during play. There are 3 spare pop bumpers in the second machine that could be used if it needs replacement and isn’t a wiring issue.

Visor: The visor motor works, but when plugged in it continuously opens and closes the visor. I am assuming there is an issue with the switches connected to it but haven’t gotten around to troubleshooting. I currently have it unplugged.

GI Lighting: When I got the machine, the right side GI lighting was out. After I switched to LEDs, I jumped the right side lighting to run off of left side power. So long as you don’t switch back to incandecents it should work just fine.
Plastics: There are a handful of broken plastics on the machine including the very top of the vortex (common).

Cabinet: looks good overall, with some poor touchup on the left backbox head (not me)

Playfield: The mylar is separating in a few spots, but overall looks decent. There is a tiny bit of playfield wear around the extra ball in the top left corner where there is no mylar. There is a bit of wear under the miniplayfield around the pops. I am assuming that if you peel back the mylar it will look new.

Knocker: Currently Unplugged, have not investigated. An extra is in the second Pinbot.

Wiring: Some of the wiring between the head and the body has been cut and repaired along with the wiring from the power inverter, this may be the cause of some of the issues

Outlane kicker & scoring logic: This one is hard to describe and truthfully the only reason why I’m considering the machine. Turn on the machine, works fine. Put in a credit, works fine. Press start, does the starting sound, 3 bank and ramp vuks activate, and the ball doesn’t come out for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. No idea why. Once the ball comes out, scoring and everything works normal. Once ball ends, it takes 30ish seconds to shoot out the 2nd ball, and then the 3rd ball. The guy I bought it off said he put in a brand new Rottendog MPU which some have had difficulty with. A few times I have turned it on and did not have the Outlane kicker issue at all.

Backglass looks nice.

There is an extra original MPU board and rom set, one that had been replaced by the Rottendog MPU due to acid damage.

The second playfield is not a great example, and there is no visor motor assembly and a few of the solenoids have been removed. The cabinet looks solid and the paint is fairly nice. There are untested scoring displays, flipper power boards, and topper power boards.

The original plan was to use the second Pinbot for parts, strip and hang the playfield, then sell the cabinet and strip the rest for parts. If you already have a system 11a machine, you could probably swap out parts to figure out what is going on with the outlane piece, and maybe have better luck with the rottendog MPU in your other 11a machine and have an easy fix.

Pinbot is a really fun game and I hate to see this go, but I may have bitten off more than I can chew. If you have any troubleshooting tips for me, or warnings for others, feel free to post them here in this for sale thread.

I picked these up off of facebook around pinfest in a parking lot and the guy who sold it to me was less than forthcoming and sold them to me in a dark parking lot in the rain. I won’t pull that on you and will do my best to explain everything, and provide inspection of the machines. I would strongly recommend against this as your first machine, but if you have more repair experience than me (any really) this could be a great deal for you.

I am continuing to troubleshoot this machine and am focusing on the outlane kicker//scoring logic. If I can fix that I’ll probably just keep it.

If my Essay isn’t enough, I have a 12 minute youtube video walkthrough of the machines.

Thanks for looking!

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