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For sale: Johnny Mnemonic

Added: May 3rd, 2019 Re-listed: 3 times (October 15th, 2019)
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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Great fast pin. Restored by Pinsider Skypilot. One of 3 pins with these cabinet decals. Fully rebuilt hand mech, new ribbon cables, new hand magnet, new hand switch + spare, new 7 opto switch board, new hand motor controller board, alternate speaker panel plastic, inner art decals, powder coated trim black, Pinballbulbs full LED kit with a few swapped out for Comet LEDs in Cyan, sound activated LED topper, Titan silicone rubber kit, extra X+Y nuts, extra spinner and decals. Johnny Mnemonic dust cover, Cliffy’s on ramps (one for Crazy Bob’s uninstalled). ColorDMD. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but it’s got to be one of the nicest JM’s around. Also open to a trade for a Ironman VE + cash on my end. If you have a extra plasma DMD and would like to use it instead of the ColorDMD - subtract $250 from price.

Item photos

022D4872-7C2C-4B69-AC97-955DF955E5F4 (resized).jpeg
183F8756-4422-47E3-A446-67185650FD0E (resized).jpeg
20D0CD41-5B65-470E-870A-30BB3A4385CD (resized).jpeg
95AAA511-F09C-4161-8F95-E480BE85EB71 (resized).jpeg
9874D14B-4674-4B31-B5D9-DDF7F605B1FA (resized).jpeg
D162D651-B701-4DF2-B707-9A0A78BF1883 (resized).jpeg
DBFEF67D-BDE1-43D7-8982-72AA1C66AD85 (resized).jpeg
E22EB3EF-22DA-491D-A6CA-5D2AEFC5D3BA (resized).jpeg
E7073049-1107-4CEE-B63E-ABC8C5EC8835 (resized).jpeg
FE84A500-A780-4C85-A28A-3CF99461188A (resized).jpeg
82D40F1D-57DB-4007-947A-FD94756C5902 (resized).jpeg
C3DC3909-CAC2-490E-AFBF-36DB57836FC6 (resized).jpeg
CD5B5E4F-FC9B-4569-958C-B13EDE4F7EAF (resized).jpeg
A322E93B-5A7F-4512-B234-BFB51DF1815E (resized).jpeg
11E11F04-5914-4887-9EB8-5576262A0007 (resized).jpeg
5FAD8F26-EF37-467D-B615-1CE9CF7B1903 (resized).jpeg
00DD767A-8FE9-484E-9D9C-5605FBCE6517 (resized).jpeg

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Solon, OH, US


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