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For sale/trade: Family Guy

Added: April 16th, 2019 Re-listed: 1 time
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Selling our family guy to fund a newer stern the family wants

This has lighted flipper buttons, Stewie pinball decals, leds and perfect play rubbers.

Cabinet is in great shape, has a couple of small spots touched up.

Playfield has no wear except the N insert on pinball was touched up a bit which is very common. So common that a pinsider made a Mylar decal that I bought and put over the touch up. Also, if you look in the scoop you can see it’s not perfect white wood. No wear going in but wanted to point it out. I didn’t even notice it but my buddy said to look inside there as it’s common.

The dmd is strong and it plays great. Overall I think it’s in very good condition but please look at pics and decide for yourself. Tried to price it reasonable

If you need pics or videos I would be happy to send them.

If I can’t sell then I would entertain fair trades of pins I haven’t owned

Item photos

0520A633-3AB9-49A9-BE1F-1773B93975DF (resized).jpeg
0D2461B7-2114-45C9-A664-9B8CAA23CEBB (resized).jpeg
0F77D237-4FD8-443B-BE3F-03BC5A0BFDA2 (resized).jpeg
15855B47-08A4-4DE9-8561-52C671BD92C4 (resized).jpeg
25EF4358-03AE-47D0-B666-6C7BE9953DF4 (resized).jpeg
3306BAE8-7E42-49B0-AAA5-4AEE6CBC328F (resized).jpeg
3714572E-476E-4F99-9798-9B945593DB0E (resized).jpeg
4B9B8DBB-119E-4196-BF96-A7B8C8FA3912 (resized).jpeg
4C9A9F37-E87D-4128-94F9-B1202EFD3CA8 (resized).jpeg
55D6703A-7561-4254-8D6F-1584B8C0F56E (resized).jpeg
5EFEA7E6-01EB-4928-B5DB-9D6FC1F53336 (resized).jpeg
630C6676-8318-4437-A6F7-508333998FD3 (resized).jpeg
66D2003F-71B5-48DA-B0C0-F99EBE05DE56 (resized).jpeg
67F22C0C-6F7C-4F16-B0B1-E072F5445970 (resized).jpeg
6EA25C11-F0D4-46FC-BB74-D4AF57C29F10 (resized).jpeg
7E339579-B9FF-4955-B99C-544A8C7B12E0 (resized).jpeg
82BAA875-7BCC-4741-AEF3-DEAE3CA534C9 (resized).jpeg
86491070-5BAB-47D3-B14F-C45B103614C2 (resized).jpeg
86E8B961-B13A-4CB7-9DDF-5E18F5B119AF (resized).jpeg
9767BCDB-3FC7-4ACF-97C1-84AB3239F70C (resized).jpeg
9BB889EE-F90B-4600-BB33-5A3F50EE4C46 (resized).jpeg
9F6EF54A-2AE5-40F3-9EBA-2D3559B1B3BB (resized).jpeg
A7A7CFD6-092A-49F1-93E4-6840172FEE74 (resized).jpeg
B21FE4F9-4054-4592-8730-6644475D4D5A (resized).jpeg
C0FCCDEE-2DAE-4E50-A611-801573A74173 (resized).jpeg
C536FFB2-A996-49B4-8F5D-8098FF9AA457 (resized).jpeg
C5D3B495-E70F-44B0-90D4-EB1460145A05 (resized).jpeg
CB96F633-6EBB-4605-AC00-91FC592555D4 (resized).jpeg
D2FF0954-3758-4FC0-AF02-6C51DF30804E (resized).jpeg
D96F74E6-6B97-4E90-BF13-182E258C0537 (resized).jpeg
D9C4817F-42B4-4363-9CA6-DC519088D618 (resized).jpeg
DB531338-65B0-4F4C-86D3-6A8AE1768F4D (resized).jpeg
E73EE043-78DF-4F28-B1CC-53477C0CBA68 (resized).jpeg
F2016115-36C9-41FE-89D9-BD82D6AB8519 (resized).jpeg
F5B2516E-8987-4CD4-A235-D1DF85C6BB34 (resized).jpeg

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