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For sale: Robocop

Added: January 11th, 2019
Condition: Functional - needs major work

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Oh robocop. I love this game and would love to own a nice one some day, this machine is not the one for me.
Here's the back story, I bought it sight unseen on ebay for 1000 and had it shipped from the swamp land of Tennessee to San Diego. When I received the game I was in shock. The seller's photos showed every good feature. He was a pure genius with camera angles. The machine was and is roached. There where 2 wasp nest in the machine. 1 mouse skeleton, and mower bag full of leaves in the cab.
So, I cleaned it and then cleaned it again. Low and behold the PF is pretry nice. I went through the electronics did a quick fix on a few obvious items. And fired it up. Low and behold it works and plays.
Here's what it needs to make it presentable, decals. The left side of the cab was painted black. A few maybe 2 of the PF plastics to replace the cracked ons. The BG has flaking so maybe a new BG. And the electronics need to be fixed, ie a few transistors and such. There's a few items not working during game play.
I know it's a dog, but it's still a robocop. I want to restore one someday but I have 1 to many projects going on right now.
It's located in Big Bear CA.
Go gentle on the forum.
I have 1500 into this ugly turd and would love to get my money back out of it. I can not bare to look at it.

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