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For sale: Williams Nags
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Added: December 14th, 2018
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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  • Nags Williams, 1960

Item description

1960 Williams Nags Pinball Machine for sale
Amazing one owner barn find...fully functional. I have cleaned up and gone through, added new rubber, lights, and shay reproduction back glass. I powder coated the legs and cleaned up the wood rails and front coin door. If the cab was re-painted or professionally touched up it would look brand new. Playfield really nice. Even has bumper playfield stickers put on decades ago to protect the playfield and can be peeled off to reveal protected wood playfield. Numbers all matching. Has a lot original literature including extra score cards which I popped in two new ones, schematic and other original docs. I have original back glass if you like but it has many bad spots. Located near Pasadena, CA...please come by and play it and check it out. I don't need or really want to sell but could use the room. If you are interested then you know how many of these come up for sale and how clean this is. I am happy to hand hold this to a professional shipper. Please look at all photos carefully for its condition. I did my best to show its condition but would love for someone to show up and play a few games and take home with them. Please message me with any questions or want video.
Thanks, chris

Item photos

3A5866DD-1C4B-441D-9DE2-A6393DF1AD4A (resized).jpeg
99D08C37-44DF-4153-974D-CFEC5A9EA70B (resized).jpeg
7B96FCC1-F5DE-4E90-BADB-E2DA80509A8D (resized).jpeg
B15A40C5-627B-452B-8CDF-1169FD890EEC (resized).jpeg
B92ED27B-BF19-4738-AC4F-22B90B130CBF (resized).jpeg
91D01646-41F4-499F-8B15-5C113DA8BC5A (resized).jpeg
E221B8F0-2324-4B28-99EF-1E2277F183E3 (resized).jpeg
E94156F2-A582-4330-AF04-D1161C29189A (resized).jpeg
2BE12447-6BC6-4F6B-AC68-1FBA01B4C5B7 (resized).jpeg
EA502C66-AD0F-4E01-8930-A12EA958A8D1 (resized).jpeg
5F165AA4-4DCD-4CF9-9005-ED640250FCB7 (resized).jpeg
D5D8D9EB-4E1B-4F87-A8DA-CDE7EC218936 (resized).jpeg
FEDCFAC7-198E-4C7F-9860-367B682E4013 (resized).jpeg
AA81666D-50EB-4CE4-9804-4803569AFE90 (resized).jpeg
5BD785CC-B6E3-4DE9-8856-09B10BC81BA5 (resized).jpeg
A25D37C9-9597-4189-A006-C4F82B41B889 (resized).jpeg
2F852B3A-299F-4F0B-B273-E2400C975EB5 (resized).jpeg
37A50C2F-85B2-4F79-84A4-0F55ED9638C1 (resized).jpeg
71A03AC6-0569-410D-A1BC-F926E2B1BFC4 (resized).jpeg
4B1C0442-653E-4560-B114-3192135EA290 (resized).jpeg
09540118-FB89-4E9B-9E59-37236455514A (resized).jpeg
D8C3BA6D-2B51-4DD8-8EB1-FB0E768A794F (resized).jpeg
BEAE97BA-31A4-405C-9E83-4498CFAC4348 (resized).jpeg
F630D980-8A21-4724-95CE-E90390D24BDD (resized).jpeg
F98383E2-74B7-4716-910F-8E0C3D59573D (resized).jpeg
158CF460-9B93-4F67-BFA9-1AF6220078CD (resized).jpeg
4D26CB6D-5BEB-4041-BB25-BB49D6260306 (resized).jpeg
716DC936-375E-4E4F-8603-28D36C24AFF0 (resized).jpeg
B1FB8C02-EF9D-4196-91DC-12CF64338210 (resized).jpeg
0EB06CD6-15E6-4912-BA42-BA974D2BDB74 (resized).jpeg
92796331-C3AC-4A59-B920-10D42E54260F (resized).jpeg
614A3BB1-8413-44F8-B8B4-61912C83F3C0 (resized).jpeg
B94D9A12-6786-49CA-B91D-00CCFAEEC08D (resized).jpeg
FAFFE64F-9D2D-47E1-B773-849E63EFCC47 (resized).jpeg
F8F916E6-F558-41DA-9462-6A908523E0B4 (resized).jpeg
9CBB96AF-B62E-47D7-9965-F5315708A36E (resized).jpeg

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