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For sale: Four Million B.C.** New Price**

Added: August 27th, 2018 Re-listed: 2 times
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Hello pinball collectors,

Here is a list of the refurbish process of the 4MBC machine I have completed.
• Coin door was completely dissembled; outer door paint was stripped and repainted along with the inner wood. Paint colors were matched as close as I could get to the originals. All parts were cleaned, painted if needed and reassembled with mostly new screws.
• Legs were cleaned, repainted to the same color of the coin door and installed with new leg bolts.
• Cabinet was cleaned out, hand washed if needed in areas of stains/paint splatter removed.
• Detailed/cleaned shooter rod.
• New flipper push buttons installed.
• New hardware bolts/washers for main board in the cabinet and head.
• Clean/polish brass contacts on ball count, volcano and 00-90 units. I use chrome polish.
• Rebuilt volcano motor unit hold down pads. Unit uses rubber bushings and a brass sleeve. Had to fabricate hardware to make this work.
• Rebuilt all three thumper bumper assemblies with new replacement parts.
• Remove, clean and adjust flippers, repairing/replacing any items for the zipper flippers to work correctly.
• Add four additional lighting to the playfield top plastics due to dark areas. Also some in others areas of the playfield.
• Add missing light socket behind the T-Rex. Socket installed is same style as original.
• Added extra LED’s behind the end of million and BC in the back box.
• Added a second LED for the game count in the back box.
• Install LED’s in the playfield, under the playfield and back box.
• In the head, new coils installed for the 00-90 unit. Replacement shaft installed for this unit coil also as it can get beat up.
• Clean/paint bell on 00-90 unit.
• Clean/polish playfield glass and side rails.
• Clean all point wheel faces (numbers) in the head.
• Strip playfield, clean every part and reassemble with new white rubber and clear star posts.
• Clean and adjust ball trough and related parts.
• Clean/paint and detail front bracket/latch hold down and install caution and three ball sticker.
• Had new apron information labels made up from the originals.
• Added lights behind the caveman in the head.
• Added flash 44/47 lights behind the pterodactyl birds in the head.
• Added pterodactyl birds to the playfield.
• Painted the playfield volcanos with lava coming out the tops.
• The tar pit shot is a hard shot to make with no points scored for it, so decided to add a standup target that scores 1,000 points if hit. Makes this shot worth hitting.
• Added a 5” bell so that now, 10 points 3” bell, 100 points 4” bell and 1,000 points 5” bell.
• Lastly inspect, adjust if needed all contacts so that machine works 100%.
• Also other items I can’t remember I did.

I feel I have done a mountain of work to this machine to bring it back to a great playing game along with cool mods (if you like that). If you are looking for an original FMBC this one is not for you, but if you like mods and additions to a machine this one maybe for you!

With this all in mind, this is what I am asking for the machine is $2400.00
Trades are welcome, would prefer newer SS machines.

The bad:
Cabinet does show signs of age, scraping, scratches and general damage due to age. The playfield has wear/worn spots in normal areas that this machine appears to show.

Pinside me if interested and I will send you my phone number/email and we can talk further.

Thanks! Mike

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