Bally Rolling Stones amazing early run original condition - for sale


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Bally Rolling Stones amazing early run original condition

Added: August 8th, 2018 Re-listed: 1 time
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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Probably the most amazing original condition Stones pin, especially for an early run, had the same very picky owner for more than the last 20 years. Not rebuilt, not restored, not hacked up. This is number 323 according to international pinball database. Absolutely stunning original playfield AND glass. Both look like they just came from the factory. The early run Rolling Stones has this paint scheme, with the blue over the pink. The cab is in very solid condition, but it is not as perfect as the field and glass, I tried to get great pics so you can see everything. It does have a newer apron decal. Plays perfect and is a blast of a game. I’m open to trades locally in Dallas.

Item photos

2CC797F5-6948-42B0-AE04-8C14635BA235 (resized).jpeg
C2CBD2EE-942C-45EF-BB37-0CB7360A0835 (resized).jpeg
A6A3A47F-6C9E-4978-947B-65B850C231D6 (resized).jpeg
47ECBDED-5059-42C8-AAD6-60E74E206FF2 (resized).jpeg
ED9570E8-27FE-48D5-9BE7-70B736C575DE (resized).jpeg
F878D9A2-1971-4753-B9A2-7855C71209B1 (resized).jpeg
A5ED463C-3F48-4790-925F-301E478E23FB (resized).jpeg
838FAD87-08F9-4058-B5ED-0485C5BD21CB (resized).jpeg
FF00A394-FC61-4C0D-A939-233DCA2E742B (resized).jpeg
7442D38F-A674-410E-B808-D32EB280DCD1 (resized).jpeg
C91A409B-0953-4376-B1AB-54F6F809720C (resized).jpeg
992D45A2-9DA3-415C-B36D-F4A6F074D644 (resized).jpeg
D954EC89-94FF-4073-9FB0-04D717EA8629 (resized).jpeg
ABE64FCE-F05E-4C17-99B5-F3E7AFA99C9B (resized).jpeg
5F107292-F82D-4B4B-AF6E-71A9C7F40552 (resized).jpeg
452C696F-DC83-4D78-B3F3-9E23FD3F149C (resized).jpeg
D69B8233-E717-406D-BB6F-C49DEE585BF7 (resized).jpeg
5A8F8220-C69B-473D-B03F-28DAE2CEA770 (resized).jpeg
3463B483-0F1F-489C-B988-61945578654F (resized).jpeg
1026DD93-667E-4352-9F39-FC2C5739C780 (resized).jpeg
ED7E0F21-DB4D-4F6C-8633-1506D8EFC9C6 (resized).jpeg
0E3900F9-5A08-4140-A49D-5ACD40FD20EF (resized).jpeg
93FF2CCE-11DB-4D3A-93CF-BE5F2F72FC7E (resized).jpeg
2EDD2106-5B98-42EE-8418-F581622FFD66 (resized).jpeg
36BF0776-5147-43A0-92E3-2FE80DBD7E71 (resized).jpeg
8AA40B8E-968F-405C-A822-42B58995BE46 (resized).jpeg
898EF3ED-17DE-4C69-8E39-967B6EBA6805 (resized).jpeg
349CDCB2-AA33-462A-95D8-7527A0493DF0 (resized).jpeg
068104AE-0AA3-4978-86EA-5D3221D01F74 (resized).jpeg
4AD7064E-1E7C-4CD1-8F88-7D616009C5F8 (resized).jpeg
B5E3B297-9B3D-47D1-A66F-2FD66F238D13 (resized).jpeg
DBA35610-8185-447F-9FB9-3188F9BB589A (resized).jpeg
FA55DFA3-0973-4D63-AA65-463BE6EABE51 (resized).jpeg
564424E8-90FF-4754-B303-EB75A8ECA84F (resized).jpeg
16C922E9-B389-4BA4-AB65-9DA4F1194B10 (resized).jpeg
A0896785-20D9-445F-B61B-0DE17744A025 (resized).jpeg
233CED0B-2FCC-4D0D-82CA-B9AF5656916E (resized).jpeg
C149D785-8D88-452B-AF3A-9CC3A9B15FC3 (resized).jpeg
B62C8A42-5AE4-45DD-A1C9-1A0947622D45 (resized).jpeg
1A6B3451-75CC-4F17-A0CF-A6A1A995AEC1 (resized).jpeg
B7749BAA-E781-42B4-BB9F-1B351FE7D807 (resized).jpeg

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