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For sale: Batman 66 w/ SLE Decals and Mods
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Added: July 25th, 2018 Re-listed: 1 time
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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Stern Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine with SLE Decals. I was able to pick up a set of SLE decals shortly after the games release. If you have ever seen these decals in person you know how amazing they look.

My goal was to eventually get this game as close to an SLE as possible but now have been put in a situation where I need to keep a roof over our head. That story is not as sad as it sounds we are having our roof replaced starting today and I am having to battle it out with our insurance company who is fighting tooth and nail to avoid their responsibility. Bottom line as much as I hate to sell this other responsibilities are more important.

The cabinet is perfect. The decals were installed here and the game has never been moved since. It plays perfectly. Mods include:

Shaker motor
Atomic Bat Pile
Lit Batmobile in the shooter lane
Lit flipper buttons
Lit Batsignal
Slingshot Flasher Covers
Subwoofer (identical to the SLE)
Batboat (included but not installed)

I have not been able to pick up a topper and have not gotten around to ordering the SLE trim from Pinball Refinery yet. If the buyer has, or can get, these parts they will pretty much be set.

I have a few additional SLE parts I haven’t had time to install if the buyer is interested in them at an additional cost (blue SLE ramp, SLE backbox speakers, SLE speaker mounts, speaker spacers).

Willing to ship if buyer handles all the arrangements preferably through STI. PayPal Friends and Family, Wire Transfer, or Cash (local pickup) accepted. Please check out my feedback for other games I’ve sold on Pinside. Thanks for taking the time to look.

Item photos

0B9829B0-0B8B-471A-B2A9-44C7040736A3 (resized).jpeg
7483D145-B389-4D69-9AB4-A4418F269D1E (resized).jpeg
CD53A04A-098A-40F0-9727-7F9C1B5A0022 (resized).jpeg
DE8A4EA9-44B4-4376-8BA3-996320C9C44B (resized).jpeg
FC861CB2-14D4-4304-8C7C-C8D6B2EFCE28 (resized).jpeg
448CAFCF-8B3C-4ACF-8BB6-9019D32E4641 (resized).jpeg
BE3BCED3-9012-4CCA-930B-24483544D08C (resized).jpeg
454C43C9-074C-4FB9-8FC2-4C16B85E4ABC (resized).jpeg
BBCCCA0F-8DA9-43D0-8D0E-50CD5A0C7F82 (resized).jpeg
8E54485A-02E3-4789-A1B0-36D34B7B5110 (resized).jpeg
2D6323AE-9186-43C6-B37C-2E670D510FDF (resized).jpeg
34380BA1-B1F7-4AC2-A9AB-6B21C6BA18CC (resized).jpeg
9DC17C59-6294-45FB-9F5C-4185D392F714 (resized).jpeg
1C54256B-A8EF-4DFF-9361-DB8EEAB83F7E (resized).jpeg
0EFA1307-F183-466A-9F06-9D0831FA2838 (resized).jpeg
9BB05BD2-B597-4198-832E-238122202314 (resized).jpeg
138ED421-5A23-41D7-B6F7-F7C8DB22E5EB (resized).jpeg
606764CE-0609-4CF5-A676-D966390029D6 (resized).jpeg
C5EB6E28-856A-4AF1-A2C9-329FA3E08440 (resized).jpeg
B369AFF2-EF84-46D4-B4A2-536C17FE198A (resized).jpeg
9EA6AD47-8323-4208-BD55-7092253D6C7D (resized).jpeg
49CFB07C-B307-4436-A9BA-ECF9D3DAAAD4 (resized).jpeg
E3D22C91-096B-473C-B4DB-38E53C310821 (resized).jpeg

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