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For sale: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Added: July 12th, 2018
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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This ST:TNG is in EXCEPTIONAL shape.
It has a beautiful playfield and a magnificent cabinet.
This pinball hasn't been shopped to be "sold".
It's out of my personal collection and I got this machine tuned up and fixed to be exceptionally playable.
You don't have to expect to see the machine falling apart after 2 days like many pinballs for sale.

• All wire connections has been inspected and fixed.
• All playfield bulbs have been replaced with high quality customized LED sets (not those sets for sale at Marcos).
• The 3 flipper assemblies have been rebuilt with new 629 (Blue) coils, plungers, etc..
• All 3 EOS Switches tuned-up to the perfection for optimum flippers efficiency.
• Both "Canons" rebuilt
• The FlipTronic II board have been replaced with a new board.
• New Flipper Opto Switch board on both sides.
• Trigger spring rebuilt.
• All "Subway ball guides" have been cleaned up.
• The ball trough have been improved to prevent magnetized balls.
• Playfield have been cleaned and waxed.
• All plastics have been cleaned.
• A protection on the "Neutral Zone" hole and on the "Alpha Quadrant" ramp have been installed to prevent damages.
• New set of rubbers and Super-Band on flippers.
• New Subwoofer in the cabinet

My collection and why I'm selling:

See how this machine looks:

See how the cabinet looks:

Underneath the playfield:

Dont trust me on my words, look how this machine plays:

Borg and Ferengi Freighter multi ball, Canon feature, Hollodeck Simulation etc...

Item photos

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