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For sale: Scared Stiff
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Added: June 9th, 2018
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Beautiful unrestored, unmodded machine that has been in home use for 20 years. Still had original batteries in it (they did not leak).

Domestic game
Zero fade
Has manuals
Has parts of goodie bag incl. modesty decal
Great looking spider hole
Mylar at “terrifying” has small tear, not through insert
All board and game serial number match
Nice crisp display
No marks on translite
Nice ramps
Boney flippers (one glows lol)

Game is currently unshopped. Issues include 4th set of eyes on crate are out, crate decal is worn, left gate wire form into deadhead Area is gone.

Very clean inside.... game is easily a 9-9+ and is begging to be shopped/modded


Trades: I’d consider any package deal really, or would consider a TNA, Dialed In, or Tron + $

Fire away

Item photos

3F9B42B7-CEB8-4337-BF54-5292E25E9C0A (resized).jpeg
AA413E0B-D826-4B38-BAB2-82D15143E8F7 (resized).jpeg
061EB77E-22B5-467C-9E4A-6BEB7B163E75 (resized).jpeg
5C1030A6-3783-489F-AF09-AB3E8B0259FD (resized).jpeg
B2EFD68A-9E90-4BE1-8BDE-225FEEC064BD (resized).jpeg
3CC2FAE3-87C4-49CD-9976-65821EE8D40A (resized).jpeg
EF1437D6-C46A-4565-95B3-0BA8252B6F38 (resized).jpeg
A359BB51-1C36-4FC2-8448-95FBFAD835D7 (resized).jpeg
8B1C4992-EBAD-4C01-832F-2A27B791EBE3 (resized).jpeg
623AFB3E-4955-47B5-9072-95F5F9A02B2E (resized).jpeg
3C23FF58-DBBE-421B-9042-DC931675A9C3 (resized).jpeg
957E6D81-8688-49C7-A87D-324A7CC85D02 (resized).jpeg
F74C506F-5EF8-4C48-9573-7F65842C8284 (resized).jpeg
CCBB1BF5-22CE-4873-B38F-E9CAA5206608 (resized).jpeg
27A992D2-ADCC-4CAF-B280-5B2299FA12DA (resized).jpeg
D51D213F-AE5A-4183-8C4A-B39C878C2F6C (resized).jpeg
B7E47C29-51EB-415C-BF39-0EE4415DCD47 (resized).jpeg
9AFE09F0-B2E8-49D8-B376-43228E38D524 (resized).jpeg
244FF0DC-7A51-4C9C-B84E-B24A20EE0103 (resized).jpeg
F11BD606-ECDF-43C0-BB3C-EE76FDF42707 (resized).jpeg
2D8071CA-5B51-4AFF-B6BF-6AADA2C0A3FE (resized).jpeg
5806CFA0-13D9-4EF5-9E3C-F09E71C5AAA0 (resized).jpeg
A590EB4A-FD6E-4436-9B5C-056D8185B0A6 (resized).jpeg
6D9E67C4-0623-4649-887C-9E4AB2E4EF3A (resized).jpeg
30D420CE-AE32-4745-9C17-A497572451D9 (resized).jpeg
9C13B94F-940C-4E49-99A1-98FDBCC85498 (resized).jpeg
B1A4C385-E537-4A2C-BF6C-243812DC0392 (resized).jpeg
4E6CC3A7-D797-407B-B616-551E6858E953 (resized).jpeg
69F9E0E1-C8AD-4796-956A-290262B7F256 (resized).jpeg

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