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For sale: Cactus Canyon
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Added: May 17th, 2018
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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For your consideration is a beautiful Cactus Canyon pinball machine win the P Roc system installed. The Game is flawless and plays beautifully. However, this game is missing the back box lock mechanism. Thats the way I received the game, and it functions as a HUO without a lock currently. Fully Led’d And color Dmd, as well as some cliffys and a shooter mod. Aftermarket Pinballpro subwoofer and speakers

I am willing to help a buyer ship in North America with Beltman Group/sti . Also Chris Fox Delivery in California

We love local buyers.

Thank you.

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97E6963E-0303-44A0-AE0A-4F97F10F88DC (resized).jpeg
E2053A95-989C-4ED3-91B0-60D9BFEB4024 (resized).jpeg
E15D03FC-A66D-49FD-9D0B-70ED6D6D2AC1 (resized).jpeg
5E57D165-E40B-47B6-8304-F97C1D6E11CF (resized).jpeg
4C835D79-95A3-4109-B012-569446FEBBC3 (resized).jpeg
8A661737-6C4D-4F42-85C1-390097065F9F (resized).jpeg
BEA79A78-ED3C-4AFA-91D1-554032D1618A (resized).jpeg
CD3C07D3-B855-4CB7-A562-E72BC9E3CE2D (resized).jpeg
241379B2-CD50-4727-A924-2D4E8E48C1A5 (resized).jpeg
4C9CD885-017B-46A1-8E51-D65EF794FB14 (resized).jpeg
BC6A82A7-6C30-489D-8F49-426777B9B94A (resized).jpeg
6293F8F6-7A2E-48AE-A9EE-6723DD4F646D (resized).jpeg
0CA1FE3A-9658-4E63-B3C4-D4AD47105FE0 (resized).jpeg
FFAF1D14-4E20-4B14-99C4-499D967AE326 (resized).jpeg
48205BF3-1538-4CAB-B339-14C37FCFE414 (resized).jpeg
5E18B411-5CF8-4C11-8C2D-3AD01ED3EAED (resized).jpeg
73C6A3E1-9097-40AD-B02F-1DFAFB2DCB19 (resized).jpeg
3153B8E0-7A2D-4402-8004-2423E43CFDAA (resized).jpeg
6CBB72CF-7EB7-4B01-A62A-5483F75A5237 (resized).jpeg
7153C5A3-6B75-45ED-96D4-D885234E4CF2 (resized).jpeg

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