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For sale: Addams Family, The
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Added: May 14th, 2018
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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[FOR SALE] | 1992 Bally - The Addams Family - $6,600 firm

This TAF is a decent specimen, 100% working. US Domestic machine from a non-smoking home. Stored in a regular room not a basement for ~10 years. Some mansion wear but plays fine. It's certainly not perfect but is in excellent condition overall. Very clean (cleaned top to bottom, inside and out). Freshly shopped/detailed and a new rubber set installed. BRIGHT WHITE rings used (no colored rings used to hide dirt). I will do my best to provide as much detail as I can with the information and pictures. I encourage you to compare this machine to others currently for sale. There are NO ERRORS when the machine is turned on. All tests pass. Flippers are strong. Let me know if you have any questions. Comes with original owner's manual and TAF promotional keychain.

Works 100%. Everything functions normally and properly. Plays smooth. All the correct solenoids are installed. All switches, optos and game mechanics work properly.

Works 100%. All flashers, lights, LEDs work properly. All tests pass. Some LEDs have been installed as part of MODs but the original lights are incandescent.

New DMD. No dead pixels. Bright and clear. Has a glare filter installed directly on the front of the DMD fully concealed behind the plastic trim. Easily removable, your choice. Plastic is very clear and maintained inside and out with Novus 1/2.

NO COLOR FADING at all. Excellent shape overall for an original playfield. VERY clean. Some wear in high traffic areas (ball drop, swamp, mansion) but damage is minimal. Mansion wear does not impact gameplay. No magnet burn at all (magnet protectors installed). Plastic ramps are clear with no ball stains. No rust anywhere. Novus 2 and Carnuba Wax used only. The pictures are really what you need to see.

NO COLOR FADING at all. Playfield glass is super clear and in excellent shape. The backglass is in excellent condition and is an original translite/glass. There are certainly some dings where you would expect however you have to look for them. The worst is in the lower back (not visible). Backbox side art is slightly damaged on both sides but difficult to notice. Cabinet side art is almost perfect on both sides. All cigarette smoke and years of grime removed from the sides, the cabinet feels very smooth to the touch. Most metal has also been polished and the black residue removed (mirror finish again). Front cabinet has a brand new coin door. Overall the cabinet condition is is at least very good but in my opinion can pass for excellent.

NEW PARTS (or relatively new/recently replaced):
CLEAR ramp installed
Coin door / Interlock bracket
Kicker assembly w/bracket
Premium magnetic pinballs (3)
Side flipper buttons
Backglass holder
Leg protectors
Chrome legs w/levelers
Black leg bolts
Thing flips optical switch
Thing optical switch
Coin box
Solenoids (not all)
Mylar overlay (NOT installed)
Flipper decals (NOT installed)
various other misc items

Upgraded video driver board
Gold ROM upgrade (original GOLD rom not a copy)
Magnet savers installed
Anti glare DMD filter
Skull head ball shooter (matches backglass/skull in window)
Playfield mods:
Cliffy protectors on all drop holes
Clear ramps
Swamp accelerator
Uncle Fester
Bronze Train
Bronze Knight
Bronze Telephone
Bronze Safe
Decals installed on the Thing box
Decals installed on the bookcase floor and sides
Decals on all the target switches
LED Swamp kickout light
LED kit under the safe
LED topper kit

Also Includes:
An extra ring kit
Original Ramp
Original coin door
Original legs w/levelers
Original flipper buttons
Original flipper plunger
Original play cards
Spare bulbs

NOTE: I will be taking steps to protect myself from scammers. Do not be surprised. I will not accept checks, wire transfers, money orders or bank checks. If you are interested you must be willing to come see this in person and pay for it in person (Rhode Island). You are more than welcome to come play the game as long as you want. Test everything you want to test as many times as you want. Inspect anything you want to inspect. Once it is paid for, it is sold AS IS, no returns. I will not/cannot be responsible for shipping damage, big pot holes that loosen connections, slamming on the brakes because of squirrels on the way home etc.. It is a solid machine but I just cannot be responsible for anything that happens after it leaves here.

Item photos

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