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For sale: No Good Gofers
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Added: April 10th, 2018
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Up for sale is a very nice No Good Gofers by Williams. The game has been completely shopped and plays like new. New parts include coin taker leds, tempered glass, legs, leg hardware, leg protectors, flipper bats, flipper rebuild kit, pop bumper caps, pop bumper skirts, foam backs, rubber rings, green cliffy sleeves, red super band flipper rings, PDI instruction cards, and an interactive gofer topper. I’m asking $4,500 or best offer. Reduced to $4,100.

Item photos

F8972305-1889-4993-A105-7D6F085A27CA (resized).jpeg
8053F997-D1B6-477D-B423-9FC7173C0D33 (resized).jpeg
C9488023-F682-44E4-B9E0-6B491AB01936 (resized).jpeg
B95A8554-DC87-472D-A8ED-13B8622519E7 (resized).jpeg
0D4D9405-D184-45A2-98B9-47AEBEBA4FC6 (resized).jpeg
D55278BD-941C-4585-B0E5-3B6D44A4ACD3 (resized).jpeg
B37A45E6-7C54-4A45-AA77-3323275E4C7A (resized).jpeg
6E24CAF2-DA31-4168-8FB6-65B778CBC531 (resized).jpeg
73D68695-F347-4D7F-BBFC-CA56749AF7AF (resized).jpeg
CC239C88-6D90-433B-83BB-DA5D1DF7C456 (resized).jpeg
2A659352-DFE8-417D-B76B-95E1F34B585B (resized).jpeg
6973A096-72F5-4835-9998-263E1971EB76 (resized).jpeg
74BA58DC-E44B-4F80-ADC8-B825D6AEA727 (resized).jpeg
D730753C-C053-4F0E-9D50-64EA551C6D36 (resized).jpeg
818CEA2B-B034-4A26-A603-4A2D45E64070 (resized).jpeg
7B658910-D1AE-4B26-9EC4-7A759DF01B4C (resized).jpeg
35C9AC4C-726B-4DD0-896E-F7B8F16114A0 (resized).jpeg
FBAEB18A-EB24-4623-BB50-49D956B2064D (resized).jpeg
A3887010-1C22-45FA-A923-089FEAB63892 (resized).jpeg
0291A9DF-0A41-4F67-A03F-3CED81D71B55 (resized).jpeg
2371EFF7-0583-476E-A836-1B77836C85CC (resized).jpeg
BFA7EB7B-63C5-4F00-82EE-656073379968 (resized).jpeg
C976830F-0EB6-43B1-946F-BBA1757D3A8D (resized).jpeg
6B7255B8-877F-49C5-B51F-67B8D6A41D42 (resized).jpeg
31FCF36E-77A1-4414-BB52-3A997B9A41B4 (resized).jpeg
E36015DB-9505-4F9F-B211-B0165BF830DB (resized).jpeg
75D2733A-601A-475B-9380-CBE7E23E08F0 (resized).jpeg
2ABB73EC-7CE6-4579-9FC0-B4A4BFF43183 (resized).jpeg
60D3C3F4-8D01-4767-B3DE-9DBA0C3C30F9 (resized).jpeg
E49C7B3E-1EB1-4FA9-89C4-EBD417BDFB76 (resized).jpeg
DF2D110F-2B73-4B08-93CA-EA36F6E037D3 (resized).jpeg

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