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$ 12,500 (OBO)

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For sale: Medieval Madness - Original - not remake

Added: March 23rd, 2018 Re-listed: 2 times (July 1st, 2020)
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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Rare, hard to find HUO original MM at this price. I have added several Mods - Color DMD, Shaker, Dragon, LED's. Here is the link to a post when I got it.

I have probably played it only 50 times since I got it; which is why I am selling. I want to buy an exotic, so I am selling all big items to save up. I have an Adams Family Gold that I might sell if I got a real, good offer. I don't check pinside as much as I used to, so the best way to reach me is on my cell.
[phone number removed]

Item photos

7187E7F9-63BA-4013-8AB8-E6B2D0511939 (resized).jpeg
76FE971D-1199-4812-9836-1323E6D3D170 (resized).jpeg
44F95E51-D7E2-4960-AC4E-E7993092616B (resized).jpeg
4B4F8AFB-30C6-44D9-AFD2-8C24ACC02CA2 (resized).jpeg
85F30F37-2214-4128-A066-A0AF59A73393 (resized).jpeg
8ADA778E-86BE-4BC7-9F5A-813A5762DCEF (resized).jpeg
C00C1B33-3776-47D0-A5E1-D2F3BF5AB86B (resized).jpeg
CA682A32-6396-412C-B8ED-3E17D81420A4 (resized).jpeg
F82C948D-0FF2-4428-A9F8-DBC7D8EE6149 (resized).jpeg
E615EE3A-8603-4103-89BC-D0136487759D (resized).jpeg
E4F6E248-8B6E-4746-A1FE-7697A5655806 (resized).jpeg
B4241DB4-52AC-49E2-8534-933581BA9082 (resized).jpeg
180DFA7F-2532-4E4F-AE81-892009535440 (resized).jpeg
AED9D692-C403-4658-B2D2-85339A3EC309 (resized).jpeg
ADA78690-0799-4210-AD40-92005FD84B9C (resized).jpeg
02378E7D-C896-41CB-BDA2-5E918BAFA904 (resized).jpeg
C6F9A852-01A6-4441-B275-00A40EF18C2B (resized).jpeg
3792FDED-AE90-4A21-9477-28FAA7E2E14C (resized).jpeg
A689B75D-0800-40AC-85FC-735F01FECDC2 (resized).jpeg
B0EA9A76-6DB0-4226-B3A7-283871D075E2 (resized).jpeg
4757C513-7B03-4B57-A343-141573297A40 (resized).jpeg
3263A5C8-FE07-44D0-9753-0D2BC3EBE197 (resized).jpeg
20E28859-4AE0-475A-A3C9-ADC90F26BC34 (resized).jpeg
CA75EEDF-C8B7-4FB1-AE65-D12FEB3E4F50 (resized).jpeg
DD96BC7F-3849-4C69-B0A5-C47906E2856B (resized).jpeg
0EC23E09-FB24-4A8E-B809-C4D1D2A41C65 (resized).jpeg
8F2D422B-4D47-4413-957E-BE2769D6F62A (resized).jpeg
378D9930-4767-4394-9920-73948792556C (resized).jpeg
C7F9A34B-E296-4908-AEA4-6BCC3D497D7A (resized).jpeg
7387AAD0-2C7E-4A2E-A8D2-8E51D0D61606 (resized).jpeg
A1F8A1E7-089A-4676-A1E5-8D518A5A56B3 (resized).jpeg
511CF8EA-275B-449D-81BF-2EEE5783F776 (resized).jpeg
9F9129F0-30C7-425C-8716-3C3D9886FB63 (resized).jpeg
5FDC15B3-3DBB-4894-B54E-41F20D854CDB (resized).jpeg
23B3DAD2-3FFE-4FE2-9FFF-4FDF8306E9DE (resized).jpeg
04816648-F029-4EBA-A698-74D1996AAF58 (resized).jpeg
FF89541E-21A0-4A52-9BF2-C0A27D0D246C (resized).jpeg
B480D3B2-0B3D-4F2E-B17D-14CED4C1478F (resized).jpeg

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