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For sale: Addams Family, The

Added: January 24th, 2018
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

This is a fantastic Addams Family installed with a color LCD display, flipper fidelity sound system, LED lighting and flashers, rare smoke cloud topper with new decals, new mansion overlay, new pop bumper caps, new flipper stops and sleeves, new plunger assembly, remote battery holder, no board hacks. Gold Roms installed. New coin door installed. Book case and thing box decals installed. Ramps are clean and good. Would be open to a trade plus cash.

This is not a machine that you will need to do any work on. Read Less

Item photos

E9706259-7E6E-48FD-A8CB-E1015268C325 (resized).jpeg
A6B20D6D-4E12-4716-BC8F-153B4B788CAF (resized).jpeg
C9FA453C-B28D-4DA7-97D1-55A71C975159 (resized).jpeg
27AEDE6A-47EC-434E-8CAD-BD43B6CEF1AD (resized).jpeg
B01DF430-CAC9-4304-86DB-0C8B9A0716E0 (resized).jpeg
E63FC88C-F65A-4683-9CCE-B8619F275DE0 (resized).jpeg
B0976719-9A93-4087-9439-FCFB09FD900B (resized).jpeg
8A1409A9-15F9-462D-86EE-3427E66730BA (resized).jpeg
E3D836E9-3CB4-4AEF-9C7F-7EC53B61C38E (resized).jpeg
100D3084-770F-4594-8F00-679DDB2D7F20 (resized).jpeg
232C1D87-9FF5-4949-B2BD-1A358036A28A (resized).jpeg
7F47EF10-3617-4C6B-8FAA-C1273951C7B2 (resized).jpeg
C23ADA8D-7B74-4779-9B5E-F6B329BD9CAA (resized).jpeg
36F5D283-2D4E-424E-A189-71BC08FF2462 (resized).jpeg
C852D46E-24A9-4D4D-87CC-AD29EB1BBD57 (resized).jpeg
ABBD0553-AB7A-48F0-9386-F1D9E703DB3C (resized).jpeg
E6C59ED0-E706-4159-BA12-3E8B67DF683C (resized).jpeg
7F0BB5C3-EC77-4CB3-B4AB-025EE68CBD6F (resized).jpeg
68029DB9-3859-492C-B039-85FFF8245C87 (resized).jpeg
B12A0085-7E8B-4703-BD77-0A04538C5FD8 (resized).jpeg
F28D6DFC-859D-4B87-9C93-734991600D5D (resized).jpeg

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Scranton, PA, United States

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