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Added: December 20th, 2017 Re-listed: 2 times
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Stern Avengers HULK LE #021 of 250. Bought from Trent at Tilt out of his showroom NOV 2014 with less than 100 plays. Currently has 795 total plays. Ton of pictures available, and happy to take more or video.

I called Stern in March 2015 since my cube cracked and they sent me a new cube and all revised parts that had come out, see Stern sales order pictured. I never installed the cube as I like how fast it spins without it.

Game plays and looks fantastic. Audit's are original to me as I have never updated the code.

Plays fantastic, was all dialed in when I bought it from Trent.

*CASH n CARRY preferred
* Willing to ship if buyer arranges
*Would only be interested in trades toward AFMr or MMr

Item photos

HULKCAB-2 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-1 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-7 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-3 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-4 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-6 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-5 (resized).jpg
HULKCAB-8 (resized).jpg
M-1 (resized).jpg
M-2 (resized).jpg
M-4 (resized).jpg
M-3 (resized).jpg
M-9 (resized).jpg
M-5 (resized).jpg
M-7 (resized).jpg
M-6 (resized).jpg
M-8 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-9 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-8 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-6 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-5 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-7 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-4 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-2 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-3 (resized).jpg
HULK-P-1 (resized).jpg
M-9 (resized).jpg
M-7 (resized).jpg
M-8 (resized).jpg
HULKC-22 (resized).jpg
HULKC-25 (resized).jpg
HULKC-24 (resized).jpg
HULKC-23 (resized).jpg
HULKC-21 (resized).jpg
HULKC-20 (resized).jpg
HULKC-17 (resized).jpg
HULKC-19 (resized).jpg
HULKC-18 (resized).jpg
HULKC-15 (resized).jpg
HULKC-16 (resized).jpg
HULKC-14 (resized).jpg
HULKC-11 (resized).jpg
HULKC-13 (resized).jpg
HULKC-12 (resized).jpg
HULKC-09 (resized).jpg
HULKC-10 (resized).jpg
HULKC-08 (resized).jpg
HULKC-07 (resized).jpg
HULKC-04 (resized).jpg
HULKC-06 (resized).jpg
HULKC-01 (resized).jpg
HULKC-03 (resized).jpg
HULKC-02 (resized).jpg
HULKC-05 (resized).jpg
HULK13 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK12 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK11 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK15 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK14 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK16 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK18 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK17 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK24 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK19 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK21 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK22 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK20 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK23 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK25 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK5 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK26 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK1 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK27 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK2 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK7 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK4 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK3 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK6 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK8 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK9 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
HULK10 (resized).jpg (© TACSHOSE)
14C5ED25-66FD-4587-A6A9-3F2275B848DA (resized).jpeg
0DABBE77-BD29-445D-A781-761BFB4B6CC5 (resized).jpeg
3EFF81D2-11B6-403D-AD56-E615BFC26D08 (resized).jpeg

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“First floor, easy pickup from climate controlled garage.”

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