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Tesla II Battletech Cockpit VR Enclosed Simulator Set (12)
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Added: May 18th, 2017

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Set of 12 Arcade Tesla II Battletech Cockpits – Virtual Reality Cockpit Simulators
Now Listed On Ebay Arcade Tesla II Cockpit Simulators - More photos

Includes a Console computer, a Mission Review computer, HP Printer
Please note: there are around 8 cockpits that were basically fully functional at the time of relocation. Two units were usually functional, but typically were robbed for some parts to keep the 8 operational. The last two were heavily robbed for parts and will require substantial parts and repair. All 12 have the Flight Safety International C-20 (40” concave mirrors / beam-splitters for VR), enclosure shell, AC isolation transformers, and sliding doors.
15 orginal Alienware Servers that came with units. Other computers that were used for mission replay and mission printer. A HP Laser printer used for missions. Network cables. Network hub (16 ports).

General Description: The Tesla II Cockpits are fully-enclosed cockpits with multiple screens, joysticks, and rudder. The main display is on top facing down into a C-20 Glass Mountain (now owned by Flight Safety International) beam-splitter / concave mirror unit. The C-20 is still available new by special order and might cost around $5,500 each. Below the main display is a larger display with 10 illuminated push buttons. There are 5 smaller Multi-Functional displays with 8 illuminated push buttons each. Speakers are located in front and rear for surround sound. A joystick is on the right-hand side of the seat, a throttle is on the left hand side of the seat. There are two optical foot-controllers on the floor.
The technology is Windows 2000 on (15) AlienWare computers from the same timeframe with network cards and graphics cards from the timeframe. The front service cabinet area has doors on the left and right with shelves. The shelves hold a full-size PC, two DC power supplies (various voltages), audio amplifier, a heavy AC Isolation Transformer. There are multiple air circulation fans for the cabinet and cockpit area for air circulation. Some CRT’s displays have been replaced with LED. Some original seats are covered with seat covers or replaced with automobile seats. The front frame is primarily wood covered in a decorative injection mold plastic. The back frame is large curved plastic sitting on a wooden frame. The controller is a custom pre-USB serial proprietary card hardwired to the game of the day, non-compatible with modern systems.

Potential Cockpit Repurposing for modern flight or other simulator software: The cockpit construction included the large high quality mirror and beam splitter. The visual effect is much different and superior to using large monitor, projector, or curved monitor. This method is still used today for single pilot per simulators.
The curved enclosure with a sliding door greatly adds to the surround sound effect and isolation of the user. A group considering building a realistic simulator that includes curved mirrors, beam-splitters including a frame to hold them might consider using these as the foundation for their project. Fewer of these limited editions remain operational in the original arcade format each year. Simulator or Home Entertainment enthusiast may recognize the opportunity for reuse of the C-20 in a single Pilot Flight Simulator.

General History: In 1990, Tim Disney opened the first tech emporium in Chicago. Modeled loosely on the U.S. military’s SIMNET system of networked training simulators, the Tesla cockpits served as immersive, interactive consoles for both narrative and competitive experiences. The design and construction of around 114 Tesla II units is still recognized as a Virtual Reality achievement.

The C-20 were designed for 20" FLAT CRT monitors. These could be replaced with newer, high-resolution LED or OLED style screens. It would lower the height considerably as the monitors face down (on top of the NIXE display top).

Used, sold As-IS without warranty.
The C-20 is narrow enough for two to sit side-by-side for a dual pilot sim.

Details of the C-20 are found on Internet and appear to be true.
Each C-20 collimator system includes:
High resolution CRT Flat Screen monitor (2 of 12 have LED replacement)
Commercial grade collimating mirror
Commercial grade beamsplitter
Self-contained, motion compatible housing
Complete assembly and alignment at the factory, ready for immediate installation

Major features include:
Swing out mirror for access to all major components
Minimal maintenance requirements allow for maximum utilization
Multisync monitor will accept most video signals
Images appear focused at infinity for greater realism
Ruggedized system is fully motion compatible

The photos are from my camera. Added recent C-20 Glass Mountain. My simple C-20 Concept drawing.

Item photos

Simulators Group View2.jpg
10-Replacing MFDs.jpg
09-Cockpit Door.jpg
07-Printer AlienwareServer.jpg
11 - otherhalf (resized).jpg
C-20 Glass Mountain (Flight Safety International) (resized).jpg
C-20 Glass Mountain (resized).jpg
12 - Mirror Collimated Display VR (resized).jpg

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“Each unit is approximately 7.5 ft Long, 3.5 ft wide, and 7.4 ft high. Each of the 12 units weighs approximately 900 lbs. Used, sold As-IS without warranty. Secured at shipping dock where truck can pull about 15 feet away (all cement). Truck will require loading lift. BUYER is responsible to load and ship. Once purchase is complete, buyer has 15 days to remove. Buyer can not remove some parts (e.g. C-20) and leave rest for seller to dispose. Secured public space, all rules of conduct must be followed. Units are not on rollers. In the past they are tilted to place a flat roller pad under the center of the front legs. Teflon dishes under the back two feet. Buyer can make arrangements to take over space rental for additional time. ”

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