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Congo - players cond w nice playfield. Cash or trades!!
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Added: 2023-01-25 02:41:19 UTC
Condition: As is

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$ 6,200

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Congo!! This game plays pretty fast and shoots smooth, and is enjoyable to flip. Playfield is nice and quite excellent with the exception of some wear in the shooter lane. Topside and boards are quite clean! Mostly leds throughout with exception of backbox and lower playfield. No credit dot.

Now I don’t want to dissuade your interest and tame your salivating, but this is a players game cosmetically. Faded cabinet with typical bumps and bruises of a routed game (though that faded decal still has a nice luster on the side…shiny!). Plastics, ramps, translite and volcano have chips and cracks throughout.

For a fast and smooth shooting machine…this one’s for you.

For a cosmetic money pit…I mean PROJECT…on which you’re looking to buy and replace all new plastics and ramps and apply new cabinet decals to get this thing looking as great as it shoots…this one’s for you!

Cash is great. Trades are great. Let’s talk. Happy to send video, FaceTime, pics…anything you need to get you going.

Item photos

006C6DE9-BA11-4D54-8528-0B7641C824F0 (resized).jpeg
06E96B32-EEC8-48E0-BC3F-5477FD1DDD83 (resized).jpeg
1DC30E4B-0396-4B28-B1BD-48E0D5EC5D83 (resized).jpeg
21771972-C900-474B-8446-2D842637B5F6 (resized).jpeg
33205320-00F0-4BA9-957B-8679FEF59A9D (resized).jpeg
33596FBE-D85C-4975-977F-7E5E4714E8D6 (resized).jpeg
34A63BB5-B0E7-46DD-BF17-555D343778D6 (resized).jpeg
3F1F1D72-5124-4492-BAC4-D17DE77266A4 (resized).jpeg
592310DF-F04B-46D4-A30F-E517A70CF3A2 (resized).jpeg
6A2AB159-7F0A-4221-B95E-1CAF12466A2A (resized).jpeg
6F28FCC0-87D8-494A-9892-56AC5D901701 (resized).jpeg
74F9C3F6-1D17-4539-A058-77C710FE3ABE (resized).jpeg
75B66B36-011E-46EA-BBB1-15C12BCF03DB (resized).jpeg
77BC6F9C-1959-458E-A988-DA6056BB1257 (resized).jpeg
784C3112-22BB-4D6F-8D84-088F7759B9DF (resized).jpeg
86469BCC-FCB8-4EE0-AD36-3DA7CDB45908 (resized).jpeg
88C926EA-2A7C-4BA3-B975-07BA4E56B30A (resized).jpeg
9E2B7D22-5F50-4D4D-B014-D994E65F308E (resized).jpeg
A8FD74A2-B7AD-40EF-B050-8A901A2F4B65 (resized).jpeg
B57CB87C-9122-4A30-BA94-9F2AC99A755D (resized).jpeg
B70E310B-85D1-49A6-98B9-ED5B3F4C6829 (resized).jpeg
BBCC487C-B66C-4962-9610-F5B2C68B6CE9 (resized).jpeg
BFDEECFF-0936-4348-BFAE-183295FAC816 (resized).jpeg
C1E274E1-D483-4A36-BF25-C6E45BBA79CE (resized).jpeg
DDC8C2A9-9A7B-4D18-B6EF-735C176059C6 (resized).jpeg
EDD31AFC-E177-4E3C-B1AF-4ABE43C12D9A (resized).jpeg
F2B5780B-16DE-437E-AC28-FDA6E8BC7F26 (resized).jpeg
F3697403-CBC4-41A2-8BF8-66C0A68DF862 (resized).jpeg

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